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Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Support: The washing machine vibration pads are mainly for washing machine shock. The shock absorber reduces the shaking too much or moving around caused by a non-stable washer or dryer. Noise-Proof & Easy to Clean: Washing machine pads can absorb vibrations and abnormal noises when operating home appliances and protects the floor from scratches. Besides, it can raise the height of home appliances and furniture to protect them from moisture, which makes cleaning convenient. Effectively preventing moisture and mildew. High-quality materials-- The Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine be made of high-quality rubber and plastic, durable under wet or harsh environments; size: inner diameter 1.85inch, height 1.57inch, bottom diameter 3.94inch, can increase 1.41inch. Suitable for laundry or household appliances and furniture whose feet are less than 1.85inch in diameter Wide applications& heavy duty: This shock and noise cancelling washing machine support are suitable for washers, dryers, fridges or other machines or furniture that need to raise the height and keep steady. It can bear more than 300kg without deformation; while protecting your home appliances and the floor, you can use them for many years. Easy to install: Installation is incredibly simple. No tools or adhesives are needed! Simply lift your appliance safely, then place one of these pads below each appliance foot for effective vibration absorption and noise reduction.