Automatic Fishing Trap Net - LightsBetter Automatic Fishing Trap Net - LightsBetter
Automatic Fishing Trap Net/New Arrival from $19.98 $39.99
🦈 [Automatic Fishing After Pulling the Line] This fish cage is designed to automatically catch fish after pulling the line, saving you the need to move the fish cage frequently and conserving time and energy. 🦈【Extra-Large Bait Needle】The fish cage has an extra-large bait needle inside, which can attract more fish, lobsters, and crabs, making your fishing more successful. 🦈【Easy Fishing】The fish cage is made of soft steel wire, which is very lightweight and easy to carry and use, perfect for outdoor fishing. 🦈【Safe and Reliable】The fish cage is made of high-quality materials, ensuring safety and reliability, allowing for long-term use without any issues. 🦈【Versatile】The fish cage is suitable for fishing and catching lobsters, crabs, and other aquatic creatures.
Fluffy Puzzle Floor Mat - LightsBetter Fluffy Puzzle Floor Mat - LightsBetter
Fluffy Puzzle Floor Mat from $18.98
🤗 DESIGNED FOR KIDS & BABIES: Our play mat is an excellent solution for creating an optimal, safe learning and playing space for your little angel. Soft, colourful, and super easy to assemble, these play mat tiles for kids are an excellent solution for the nursery or playroom. 😴 SUPER SOFT: This baby floor mat is made entirely of EVA foam, a soft material that feels great to the touch and protects your child’s every step. Because we put your kid’s safety first, we have ensured that our interlocking floor mats are free of lead, BPA, phthalates, or other harmful elements. 🧐 EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Our 12 x 12-inch foam floor jigsaws match perfectly, so you can combine them to create a customized area with a unique look. You can choose between the 18 (2 for free) piece set with 27 borders or the 36-piece set with 54 borders. These puzzle floor mats cover a maximum of 16 sq ft and 36 sq ft, respectively. 😊 CLEAN & SAFE ENVIRONMENT: The EVA foam interlocking tiles have a 0.4-inch thickness that keeps kids safe and comfy, preventing accidents by isolating them from hard floors. This gym mat surface is waterproof, durable, and super easy to clean, so you can always ensure that your kids are playing in a proper environment. 😏 CHIC & STYLISH: You no longer have to choose between a stylish home and your kid’s happiness. The MioTetto foam playmat pieces come in chic, elegant colours. You can arrange the tiles to create unique patterns that will look great in any corner of your home.
Ultra Soft Dog Bed - LightsBetter Ultra Soft Dog Bed - LightsBetter
Ultra Soft Dog Bed/New Arrival from $29.98
SOFT & COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The surface of the pet bed mat is made of flannel material, which is soft, skin-friendly and not easy to shed. The comfortable surface keeps pets warm and provides a comfortable sleeping environment. SUPPORTIVE EGG CRATE FOAM: The orthopedic dog bed mat is made of high-density egg crate foam, which provides your pets with excellent support and always keeps the dog pad in good condition. Our dog crate pad also distributes weight evenly and reduces joint pain and discomfort. REMOVABLE & MACHINE WASHABLE: The dog bed mat is machine washable and retains its original shape after washing. The zippered removable cover is designed to make cleaning easier and keep your pet bed mat clean and comfortable. DESIGNED FOR PETS: The washable dog bed mat provides plenty of room for your pets to sleep in various positions. The dog pad is lightweight and easy to carry, great for dog crates, cars, floors, sofas and other places to provide resting space for your pets.
-26% sale
Double Blade Knife - LightsBetter Double Blade Knife - LightsBetter
Double Blade Knife $14.99 $19.99
Cabbage chopper. Cabbage chopper. Please NOTE: Before using the grater for the first time, wash off the factory grease with hot water and detergent. Device for cutting cabbage shredder grater The fast & efficient way to make homemade coleslaw! Or make quick work of shredding the cabbage for pickling recipes! Super easy-to-use cabbage shredder with a stainless steel blade. Perfect for shredding cabbage or vegetables for making homemade coleslaw or sauerkraut. Place the cabbage on the table and cut it with this magic knife. Material: stainless steel Dimensions: Length: 29.5 cm (11.7 inches) Width: 9 cm (3.5 inches). This knife combines the comfort and easiness of an ordinary knife and punctuality of a classic shredder. It has the advantage of safety, simplicity and ease of handling. Dual blades speed up the process: shreds of one kilogram of cabbage take less than 5 minutes, even if you are inexperienced. You move the knife, not the heavy head of cabbage! The chopper is suitable for many dishes. Incredibly indispensable for making salads (such as coleslaw), sauerkraut, soups and filling pies. When washing the adhering product residues, do not knock; rinse under running water and dry. Do not wash it with hot water or put it in the dishwasher !!! Note: this knife is not suitable for use in your left hand.
Magnifying Glass Nail Clippers/Just Arrived - LightsBetter Magnifying Glass Nail Clippers/Just Arrived - LightsBetter
Magnifying Glass Nail Clippers/Just Arrived from $14.99
Professional nail clippers: The nail clipper has a 2.5:5X magnifying glass for a clear and natural view to reduce eyestrain. The angle and position of the magnifying glass can be adjusted to fit different needs. You can see your fingers even in low light with LED lights and cut your nails perfectly. For baby: Clipping baby's tiny nails can be stressful unless you have the right tool! with precision, stainless steel blades and an ergonomic sure-grip shape. Sized and scaled for tiny nails, you'll breathe a sigh of relief with this clever clipper in hand. For the elderly: Allow the elderly to cut fingers and toenails by themselves. It’s easier to see the nail as you clip for accurate, safe results every time. Material: The nail clipper is sharp to cut nails quickly, and the handle uses ABS resin to make it not slippery and comfortable to hold. The nail clipper is rusty-free, sturdy and durable and can stay sharp for a long time. A lightweight and small nail clipper: You can carry one in your bag or pocket to cut your kid's nails anywhere and anytime. Show your care and love to your child and the elderly.
Centella Asiatica Face Mask/Just Arrived - LightsBetter Centella Asiatica Face Mask/Just Arrived - LightsBetter
Centella Asiatica Face Mask/Just Arrived $19.99
[Bubble Mask]: Unlike ordinary sheet masks and clay masks, this bubble mask has a creamy texture. After evenly applied on the face, it will automatically produce rich and dense foam. [10 seconds to foam]: Centella Asiatica Bubble Mask will quickly and automatically foam within 10 seconds after uniform application, with a strong deep cleansing ability, reducing blackheads and purifying pores. [Natural Plant Extracts]: This bubble mask is enriched with various natural beneficial plant extracts. The core ingredient, Centella Asiatica Extract, repairs the skin barrier, shrinks pores and keeps skin elastic and firm, making you look younger and more energized. [Moisturizing and refreshing]: ultra-small molecules can quickly penetrate to the bottom layer of the skin, deeply hydrate and moisturize, calm reddened skin, and gently care for the skin. [Individual packaging and easy to use]: a box of 12 pieces of individual packaging, clean and convenient. The mud mask is delicate and moist, easy to apply, and each time you open the bag, it can be used and easy to carry on the go.
Portable Electric Bidet - LightsBetter Portable Electric Bidet - LightsBetter
Portable Electric Bidet $49.99
New Upgrade: The New Automatic Decompression Film solves the instability of the water, the new upgrade alloy filter can prevent outlet blockage effectively, and IPX6 waterproof level can let you wash under the water directly; all is only for better quality assurance. Extreme Experience: Our portable travel bidet can make you feel comfortable and clean whenever you use it, which gives you a spotless out-of-the-shower feeling. Best gift as a portable bidet on overseas travelling, business trips, outdoor activities, wound cleaning or baby/ pregnant care. Ergonomic Design: The fuselage consists of high-quality silicone + ABS material, non-toxic and harmless, prism-shaped anti-skid design makes you feel more comfortable when handling it; you will fall in love with the 180-degree adjustment nozzle, which can rush all the corners quickly. Easy To Use and Carry: Remove the cover and, fill it with water, press the H / L key to start working according to your needs; the 48×160mm Size makes it easily fits into any backpack, briefcase, purse, tote bag or glove box when not in use. Super Long Use Time: There is a built-in rechargeable 1000mA battery, which can last for nearly a month when fully charged USB Charge: With a USB charging line, it is suitable for all kinds of mobile power adapters or directly connected to the computer USB interface, which is convenient to charge 2 Flow Levels: 2 water flow levels, you can adjust water between gentle flow and powerful spray to meet your different requirements, which provides reliable performance Water Saving: Pressing the button gently to achieve the cleaning effect can control the water flow and water power according to the actual need, which is efficient for water saving Convenient Use: The semicircle water outlet can achieve more accurate and thoroughly cleaning while not damaging the skin, effectively preventing disease and infection of private parts. Small size and lightweight, easy to carry or put in your bag, providing personal hygiene care anytime and anywhere.
-38% sale
Ear Nose Cleaner Set - LightsBetter Ear Nose Cleaner Set - LightsBetter
Ear Nose Cleaner Set/New Arrival $24.99 $39.99
Made of top-grade quality stainless steel, it is easy to clean and sterilize; a valuable and safe kit for you and your family. Portable and lightweight, easy and convenient for storing, perfect for home or travelling use. Polished and rounded tip to prevent scratches to your delicate ears and nose. Anti-skid handle, for firm grip and easy handling. Built-in LED lights up the nasal cavity and ear canals when cleaning babies' noses and ears, safe to use. Firm Grip: This ear/nose cleaner kit has a double buffer ring silicone buckle and spoon head closely fit, not easy to fall off and has a firm grip. LED Light: This ear/nose cleaner is designed with LED light for more convenient use without hurting the eyes. Soft Ear Spoon: This earwax removal kit adopts a smooth and round ear spoon, which won't hurt the ear and is safe to use.
-14% sale
Portable Door Lock - LightsBetter Portable Door Lock - LightsBetter
Portable Door Lock $12.99 $14.99
🔒 Additional Protection and Privacy: A small, exquisite, portable lock dramatically enhances security and privacy. Against forced entry, ensure you sleep well in for bedroom, apartment, hotel or travel. 🔒 Compact and Portable: This door lock is a travel must-have. We provide it with a portable storage bag that you can quickly put into your wallet, backpack or suitcase. There is a hole at the end of our lock, so you can hang it on your keychain. 🔒Compatible with Most Doors: Fosdonge upgraded portable door lock adopts a unique 3-in-1 design, and the extended screws are suitable for more types of doors. Perfect for hotels, apartments, dormitories, bathrooms or bedrooms. 🔒 Easy to Use: It can be easily installed or removed without tools. Just insert the lock’s claw into the door slot, close the door, and tighten the screw for a firm hold. They can't open your door even if someone else has the key. 🔒 Perfect Gifts for Girlfriends and Women: This is a good choice for women who live alone, nursing mothers, travel enthusiasts, and those who are anxious about safety. I believe they will be stunned to receive this gift.
-17% sale
Metal Lighter with Pipe - LightsBetter Metal Lighter with Pipe - LightsBetter
Metal Lighter with Pipe $24.99 $29.99
🔥【FIRST CHOICE】Torch Lighters, Refillable Aerated and Windproof, easy to refill; the lighter will not be filled with butane when you receive; (USPS safety regulations, Lighter gas is required when you use it ) 🔥【All-day Companionship】When you wake up, camping, before a movie, at a music festival, after putting the kids to bed, you know, sometimes at work, this special lighter will keep you company. 🔥【2 in 1 Portable Lighter 】 Tired of carrying a long tube in addition to a lighter in your pocket. This metal butane lighter combines them all into one. All you have to do is rotate its long handle, press a button, and the flame will appear where it should work best. 🔥【GIFT IDEAS】The lighter is a great gift/present for yourself, your boyfriend, father or other friends(family); And also you can buy it as a festival gift, valentine, collection, decoration 🔥【UNIQUE DESIGN】Disposable lighters waste your money and harm the environment; This eco-friendly lighter are butane free and easy to use; Never have to buy another disposable lighter again 🔥【WINDPROOF AND AIRTIGHT】This lighter with the adjustable wind-guard function can slide up or down to prevent the breeze Effectively outdoors; The wick cover protects the wick and helps to prevent fuel evaporation; (No fluid included)
Veggie Sharpener/Peeler - LightsBetter Veggie Sharpener/Peeler - LightsBetter
Veggie Sharpener/Peeler $11.99
MAKE YOUR VEGGIES BEAUTIFUL! This peeler is a straightforward gadget that will save the day in your kitchen. Essentially a carrot peeler (or a potato peeler; in fact, you can use it on lots of vegetables, like zucchinis, eggplants, and beets), it also has a sharpener-like blade, making it a vegetable ribbon peeler: turn the veggies into fantastical curls that you can then add to soups or salads or decorate dishes with. It’s a simple way to surprise your dinner guests! CHOOSE THE BEST VEGETABLE PEELER: This multifunctional vegetable peeler/curler/ribbon maker (with a straight peeler blade) can be used not only to peel your vegetables but also to cut them into paper-thin slices that you can then cook or use to throw together a healthy raw veggie salad within just a few minutes. Use the peeler as a cutting tool occasionally, and see how these carrot peelers expand the horizons of preparing and serving your vegetables. RELIABLE MATERIALS: This is a durable metal vegetable peeler in a plastic frame, and it’s not just, say, a cucumber peeler. Still, it’s also fit for tougher veggies: it will easily handle the potato peeler’s job and even work as a ginger peeler. It will cope with soft and watery vegetables and hard ones like radishes or purple sweet potatoes. The peeler’s materials are also food grade, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe: healthy and convenient! FOCUS ON FUN & FUNCTIONALITY: We at Monkey Business like to design unique kitchen gadgets that will liven up your kitchen, diversify your culinary repertoire, and make cooking more fun. We develop cute kitchen stuff and funny kitchen gadgets (because it’s amazing how those simple things can make their owners and their owners’ dinner guests smile). Still, we never compromise functionality: our practical and cool gadgets can become your handy assistants. MAKES A PERFECT GIFT: A cute and original kitchen peeler makes a humble yet charming gift for anyone who likes to cook and doesn’t mind experimenting with their kitchen paraphernalia. Developed by local designers, Monkey Business cool cooking gadgets have won international industrial design awards for delivering clever and imaginative solutions. These vegetable peelers/curlers/rose makers will surely be appreciated by foodies among your friends.
-21% sale
Lazy Creative Periscope Glasses - LightsBetter Lazy Creative Periscope Glasses - LightsBetter
Lazy Creative Periscope Glasses $19.99 $24.99
CHANGAR Universal and Myopia Usable: Used for youngsters and old people, great for bedridden and hospital patients. These High Definition lazy glasses help bedridden patients, those recovering from surgery, pregnant women on bed rest, or anyone needing to remain in bed for long periods to experience relief and re-engage with entertainment. It prevents neck pain and reduces eye strain. Enjoy these pinhole glasses to read, watch television or play video games lying down, keeping your body supine to prevent neck strain and discomfort. Makes a Perfect Gift. Durable 90-degree glasses are made of high-quality plastic with mirrors. Lightweight and easy to travel with. Throw in your bag for on-the-go or use as belay glasses. One size fits most. Glasses measure 8 inches long x 6.5 inches wide x 1.75 inches high. Benefit for Health: Our High Definition Lazy Glasses help you read books and watch TV shows without direct contact and moving your head. Prevents neck pain, radiation and eyestrain Super Convenient: These High-qualified Optical Glasses are lightweight and easily carry all around. And It has a similar shape to the ordinary one. You can only wear the prism glasses or wear them over your regular ones (including prescription ones). High-Quality Glasses: Valuu Lazy Glasses are made High Definition glasses and high-quality reflecting prism, which bring Clear and bright images and enable people in a prone position to see objects in the front. Lifetime Warranty: The Lazy Glasses guarantees you that you will be satisfied with it! If there is any problem with quality defects, we will solve it for you immediately!
No Ties Shoelaces - LightsBetter No Ties Shoelaces - LightsBetter
No Ties Shoelaces $9.99
No-tie elastic shoelaces feature a high-quality metal buckle with a unique lace press lock with a flat elastic lace design. The press-lock design makes you never worry that your shoelace will loosen. The lace locks are fitted with a flat stretch lace that blends perfectly with your sneakers to keep your feet comfortable all day. These elastic shoelaces conform to your feet for a custom fit. Adjustable compression keeps the shoes tight while reducing pressure points to make your feet feel better throughout the day so you can perform your best. No-tie elastic shoelaces are an excellent fit for everyone in a hurry. Seniors and young children will benefit more from those no-tie press lock shoelaces. Perfect for runners, walkers, athletes, and people with disabilities. Easy to install, easy to use. We recommend installing the laces while the foot is inserted in the boot or shoe for a more custom fit and secure feel. Each pair of these shoe aces is suitable for lacing up one pair of shoes, with easy installation instructions provided.
Tennis Trainer - LightsBetter Tennis Trainer - LightsBetter
Tennis Trainer from $14.99 $19.99
🎾 Brand New Design: Unscrew the cap on the training base so you can fill it with water or sand. Once it's loaded, it will be heavy enough to hold your swing. The anti-skid material at the bottom will hold the training base in place. There is anti entanglement design on the top of the base, so you don’t have to deal with entangled rubber strings. 🎾 More Tennis: 3 tennis balls, 1 base, 1 anti-tangle hook and 1 portable mesh bag. The core of our tennis ball is much thicker than normal tennis balls, so the rebound will be much better than normal balls. The felt is made of wool; it feels better and more durable. The portable tennis training rubber string has high elasticity and wear resistance, which can shorten the rebound force, wrap some of the cord around the base to your desired length or you can stretch it for heavy and longer swings. 🎾 Solo Tennis Training: Single-player training tennis: no need to wait for a companion; simply train with yourself. No need to pick up the ball; the tennis ball hits out with the elastic rope to rebound automatically. Get started to train your serve, forehand and backhand quickly. 🎾 Light and Portable: The tennis trainer was made of light and durable material. You can carry the trainer wherever you want with the mesh bag. When you are done with your training, simply wrap the rubber string around the tennis trainer, place it in the mesh bag, and you are ready to go. 🎾 Suitable for: tennis trainer is a good gift for tennis lovers, families and children who like to play tennis. It can significantly improve swing rhythm, tempo, footwork and techniques. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor practice such as playgrounds, gardens, parks, tennis courts and etc.
-29% sale
Wavy Ponytail Hair Extension Clip - LightsBetter Wavy Ponytail Hair Extension Clip - LightsBetter
Wavy Ponytail Hair Extension Clip $24.99 $34.99
EASY & FAST TO USE: The claw clip ponytail extension is straightforward to use. Open the claw comb on the top of the horsetail and clip the extension on your bun or horsetail. Compared to a traditional ponytail, it is easier to wear. Length: 22 inches; Weight: 5.5-6 oz. HEAT RESISTANT: Do not perm or dye hair.Heat Resistant synthetic fibre, soft and smooth. This ponytail hair extension is fluffy and realistic, easy to comb and not easy to knot. But the Hair Extensions Ponytail is handmade. It's typical to shed slightly, especially the first time they are worn. We do try our best to minimize hair loss. COLORFUL: Classic clip in ponytail hair extensions, natural, pretty looking and soft touch(Note: Light shooting, display, environmental reasons, the colour that appears on your screen may be slightly different. Please in kind prevail). THE CLEANING METHOD: First, soak the Ponytail in warm water with moderate shampoo for 5 minutes. Second, clean and comb the ponytail wig, put it in warm water with the proper conditioner, and then soak it for 37 minutes. Third, squeeze the water with your hand and put it in the ventilated shade area. Please do not blow with a hair dryer, and don't wear it when sleeping or swimming. AFTER SERVICE: We are responsible for every customer. Satisfying customers is our highest service tenet! If you have any questions about this wig, you can tell us at any time; we will try our best to help you solve the product problem quickly!
Butterfly Hair Claw Clip - LightsBetter Butterfly Hair Claw Clip - LightsBetter
Butterfly Hair Claw Clip $14.99
Stylish Design: These butterfly hair clips feature a chic butterfly design that adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to any hairstyle. Frosted design and butterfly shape could enhance aesthetics and elegance in your life. Sizes & Colors: Our butterfly claw clips are about 12cm x 13 Inch. It also can be stretched to 2.4 Inch. Available in multiple colours, these Butterfly Claw Clips offer various options to suit any hair type, length, or style. Durable Material: Made from high-quality materials, these matte claw clips for Thin Hair are built to withstand daily use and last long. Featuring a secure grip and non-slip design, these hair accessories are ideal for keeping hair in place. One Size Fit Most: With a design that accommodates various hair thicknesses and textures, these cute jaw clips for Long Curly Hair are versatile accessories suitable for anyone. They will be a good ornament for hair to show your charm. Wide Application: These medium-strong hold butterfly hair clamps are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions, such as weddings, parties, or work. They also can make a lovely gift for anyone who loves to accessorize their hair
Car Body Asphalt Cleaner - LightsBetter Car Body Asphalt Cleaner - LightsBetter
Car Body Asphalt Cleaner from $14.99 $29.99
✅ ELIMINATES DIRT, BROWNING, AND BRAKE DUST: Which part of your car takes the biggest beating? Your wheels & Tires! Your wheels are almost immediately dirty between the heat, elements, and constant brake contaminants. Our Cleaner is a specifically formulated chemical designed to target heavy brake dust and restore your tires to factory colour. ✅ SAFE ON MANY FINISHES: Safe on clear-coated, powder-coated, chrome, alloy, and painted wheels. Most wheel cleaners can harm your wheel finish and dissolve more than you want to clean off! Our Cleaner works fast and dissolves stubborn metallic contamination. ✅ GET RID OF BROWN TIRES: If you’re happy with brown, old, frail tires, look away! If you want to thoroughly clean your vehicle’s shoes and make them look new again, look no further! Our Cleaner contains a blend of alkaline-concentrated solvents and surfactants to create a high-sudsing formula. It removes silicones, greases, wax build-up, polymers, and any previously applied dressings to leave your tires and wheels looking new. ✅ EXTEND YOUR TIRE DRESSINGS LIFE: Our Cleaner is a detailing essential for any user, from rookie to professional. When investing in premium protective options, high-foaming soaps, and ultra-premium microfiber towels, your vehicle's shoes must be kept clean not to take away from the rest of the car. If you choose not to clean your tires, your tire dressings cannot stick around. Clean your tires with our Cleaner to maximize your tire shine.
Telescopic Window Cleaning Brush / New Arrival - LightsBetter Telescopic Window Cleaning Brush / New Arrival - LightsBetter
Telescopic Window Cleaning Brush / New Arrival $49.99
☎ Do cleaning fast and easy windows: You can now clean the outer side of the piece of the interior part safely and efficiently with this extensible scraper set all-in-one. Versatile design that works perfectly for windows, doors, car windows and any other object with a smooth surface. The professional result every time! ☎ Maximum performance with a minimum of effort: The telescopic extension can extend up to 136 cm long, and the unique U-shaped handle will help you easily handle the surfaces that are difficult to reach. Solid, light and very easy to use. ☎ Experience without trace cleaning: The 10.2 "wide scraper blade covers a large area, and the microfiber scouring pad absorbs the water instantly. Clean and dry with a single wipe! No drops and no stripes. Complete your cleaning job quickly, and do not worry about streaks again! ☎ Practical design with easy use: The flexible raclette head lets you quickly handle the corners and edges of the window, and the 180-degree rotary sapper automatically adapts to any angle. The super absorbent microfiber cushion can easily attract dust and dirt without chemicals and is easy to wash and replace. ☎ 100% satisfaction guarantee: made from high-quality, durable, comfortable and robust materials.
Silicone Lip Brush - LightsBetter Silicone Lip Brush - LightsBetter
Silicone Lip Brush $14.99
Silicone Lip Applicator: Made of a soft and premium silicone brush head, this lip brush is eco-friendly and reusable. Fit all skin types, Non-irritating. Our lip mask applicator is reusable and washable, easy to clean with wet tissue after daily use. Multi-Function: This silicone lip brush retractable can be widely used for applying lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, eyeshadow, etc. Great gift for your family and friends: gloss applicator, lip balm applicator, lip mask applicator, lip scrub brush Professional Lip Brushes: Soft silicone head allows you to get a precise application of lipstick when lining the lips, significantly saving your effort. They help blend the lipstick and push it deeper into the pores and crevices of the skin of the lips. Easy to Carry and Use: This lip mask applicator's small size makes it convenient to carry and use when you are on the go, at home, or in the office. The lid cover on the front side can protect brushes from dust and dirt after usage, while on the back side, the lip brush lids can be used as an extension tool to meet your different needs. Ideal Choice: 3 pcs lip applicators can meet your different needs. It's your perfect choice if you want to design appealing and charming lips, making you stand out more in the crowd.
-34% sale
Kuromi lighter - LightsBetter Kuromi lighter - LightsBetter
Kuromi lighter $19.99 $29.99
🔥 Windproof & Adjustable flame 🔥 Cutes design: Makes you shine in the crowd 🔥 Attractive multicolour options: Black // Pink // Purple 🔥 High Quality: Made of high-density material, lightweight and great feel 🔥 Perfect gift for anime lovers ❗️❗️❗️PLEASE NOTE: Due to strict transportation regulations, goods with butane gas CAN NOT BE TRANSPORTED. Please refill the lighter with butane gas before use. Any "gas lighter refill" from the closest gas station/market will work perfectly. It will take only 2 minutes.