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4 In 1 Makeup Pen - LightsBetter 4 In 1 Makeup Pen - LightsBetter
4 In 1 Makeup Pen $19.99 $24.99
💋 4-colour all-in-one pen: An eyebrow pencil is equivalent to 4 ordinary eyebrow pencils. Suitable for being the eyebrow pen. This self-sharpening eyebrow pencil gives precise lines to every faith. 💋 Special head design: you can easily extract the tip of the pen of the desired colour by pressing the head. Smooth and smooth texture can be applied evenly on the skin. It is naturally clear and does not hurt the skin. Note: The design of the specially made rotating pen container causes the pencil core of this eyebrow pencil to be thin. Please twist the pen core to a proper length to avoid breakage due to excessive force. 💋 This multi-tasking brow pencil features a lighter brow shade, deeper brow shade, edge definer and arch highlighter to create clean, shaped brows with depth & dimension. Note: When you need to switch the colour, please press the front colour back before adjusting the next colour. 💋 Portable size: compact and practical, easy to carry. Helps you add makeup anytime, anywhere, to show your style. 💋 There are four colours for an eyebrow pencil. The sharper colour is used to draw the contour of the eyebrows and initially fill the eyebrows. Deeper colour is the darkest colour, used to fill the end of the eyebrows and further fill the eyebrows. The concealer colour is used to modify the eyebrow shape and make the contour more three-dimensional. The highlighter colour is used to brighten the eyebrows and make the eyebrows more natural.
Air Cushion Cosmetic Puff - LightsBetter Air Cushion Cosmetic Puff - LightsBetter
Air Cushion Cosmetic Puff from $14.99
Thick & Soft: This Makeup Sponge adopts micro-pore foaming technology; the surface is delicate and soft, not easy to absorb powder, and double release, making the base makeup more docile. Makeup without Dead Ends: This make-up puff has a drop-shaped design with a pointed top, which is used to apply makeup on details such as the eye area and nose and firm the dead corners of the face. The curved surface of the tail is used to quickly apply makeup on a large area of the face to create a natural makeup look. High-Quality Material: This powder puff made of a high-elastic sponge can be rubbed freely without deformation and used for a long time. It also supports wet and dry use to meet various makeup needs. Easy to Clean: This makeup puff can be reused many times, and this setting powder puff is easy to clean. Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover, gently rinse it with clean water, and finally, dry it. Convenient Makeup Application: This makeup powder puff is a 13MM widened ribbon that increases the contact surface between the ribbon and fingers, making makeup more labour-saving, convenient and easy to pull and not break. It is small and light, can be placed anywhere, and is easy to carry when going out.
Crease Line Kit - LightsBetter Crease Line Kit - LightsBetter
Crease Line Kit from $14.99 $19.99
6 In 1 Silicone Eyeshadow Stencils Kit Silicone Eyeshadow Eyes Applicator Fixer In Seconds Makeup Tool Silicone Eyeshadow ✅ Create A Perfect Cut Crease: With our 6-in-1 makeup eyeshadow palette, you can bypass the dull eyeshadow procedure. It has three sets of eyeshadow crease types for every eye shape and a handy handle that helps you create a cool doe-eyed, almond, wing, cat eye, or smoky effects. ✅ Worry No More About Skin Irritations: We make our eyeshadow stamp of food-grade silicone, skin-friendly, and non-irritating, utilizing a high-precision mould that ensures each crease line kit has a silky-soft surface and produces extra-smooth lines. ✅ Get A Professional Look Every Single Time: This eyeshadow palette is easy to use for expert or beginner beauty enthusiasts. Put the eyeshadow applicator stamp on your eyes, brush back and forth to draw a smooth shape, and look stunning. ✅ Save Money On Makeup Costs: The Lux&Chic crease line kit for eyes is durable, washable, reusable multiple times, and cost-efficient. Offered in a compact box, it is easy to carry and will follow you on weekend escapes, business trips, and travels. ✅ Ideal Eyeshadow Tool For Every Occasion: Whether you are getting ready for a party, wedding, or special event, this stamp crease for eyes will help you get a defined look. Make flawless, fresh, elegant, or smoky eye makeup easily and quickly. ✅ Amazing Eyeshadow Cosmetic Tool: Eyeshadow stamp can help all makeup lovers to create the perfect cut tailoring crease line. Each crease line kit comes with three sets of customized and reusable silicone crease shapes, suitable for various eye shapes. ✅ Reusable: Durable, washable and reusable, with a suitable thickness, which can perfectly fit the skin around your eyes. Easily and quickly, help you solve the trouble of drawing eyebrows and eyeliner, and promptly create delicate eye shadows without scratching. ✅ Easy to Use: With this incredible eyeshadow, a delicate eyeshadow can be finished in just a few seconds and needs professional knowledge. It is perfect for Beginners and creative makeup artists. ✅ For all Eye Shapes and Styles: The Eyeshadow template is designed with all eye shapes and required styles. Everyone can have a perfect crease regardless of eye shape, desired style or skill level. ✅ Great Helper for Makeup: The eyeshadow guide is suitable for all beauty lovers; regardless of technical level, it can create the perfect eye shadow crease line and get a professional look within one minute. ✅ Crease Line Kit Tool: A groundbreaking cosmetic tool to help all makeup enthusiasts create the perfect cut crease. Each Kit has three sets of custom and reusable silicone crease shapes for every eye shape and eyeshadow style. ✅ High-Quality Material: Made of silicone, durable, washable and reusable, it fits nicely on your skin and quickly solves your worries about drawing shadows.
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Double Color Eyeshadow - LightsBetter Double Color Eyeshadow - LightsBetter
Double Color Eyeshadow $14.99 $19.99
🌺 [Double colour eye shadow pen]: The Eyeshadow stick can slide smoothly without eye shadow. It can open the paste of eye shadow. It can be painted monochrome or mixed with two colours, ideally creating a shiny eyeshadow. 🌺 [Smoothed Cream Eye Shadow]: Soft texture, bright colour. It can be applied gently without irritating the eyes, with exquisite colour and lasting makeup. 🌺【Pocket portability】: The compact packaging like lipstick is very convenient to carry around, not easy to faint, takes long makeup time, and has quick makeup; it will be a lovely cosmetic when you are in a hurry, which can save you eye makeup time. 🌺 [lasting makeup]: Natural make-up, after finishing make-up, can keep make-up for a long time, and it is not easy to take off make-up. Even if sweating, it can also maintain lasting beautiful eye makeup. 🌺【How to use】: Use the primary colour to apply along the roots of the eyelashes and apply from the corner of the eye from back to front. ②Apply 2-3 times to the corner of the eye; use your fingers to smudge lightly and naturally and interpret the gradual eye shadow 🌺【Eyeshadow effect】: you can choose from 6 colours: a touch of double colour, natural double colour, three-dimensional gradient, and quick eye makeup. It contains iridescent powder to make the skin around the eyes more natural and brighter, with a natural and long-lasting vivid colour. Quickly apply makeup, which is very suitable for beginners. 🌺【Applicable occasion】: An excellent gift for ladies and girls, this cream eye shadow will be loved by every woman! This gift suits holidays, Christmas, New Year, anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions.
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Electric Eyelash Curler - LightsBetter Electric Eyelash Curler - LightsBetter
Electric Eyelash Curler $19.99 $24.99
💄 2022 Mascara curler recommended by makeup artist: If you are tired of faulty eyelash curlers or heavy mascaras that don’t give you the boost you want, recommended by makeup artists like the electric eyelash curler is a safe and comfortable solution that will give your lashes a lift! 👛 USB-Rechargeable and Portable & Compact: The heated eyelash curler is safe and comfortable to use but very compact and easy to carry. It will easily fit in your beauty kit, cosmetic box or travel case to enjoy flawless, modern makeup anywhere! Recharge it through a USB connection and save the trouble of frequent battery replacement. 💎 Quick Heating&Easy Use: Our lash-heated curler features multiple temperature control options and a fast pre-heat time of 30 seconds, which means you can get your lashes ready in 1 minute! Don't worry; automatically turn off after five minutes for maximum safety. 💋 Long-Lasting Lift: The electric lash curler features an ergonomic design with an innovative heating function to ensure a long-lasting lifting effect. Miraitowa lash curler has two temperature controls, 65℃ and 85℃, to tame your eyelash, whether soft or stubborn. Finish with mascara to add a pop of beauty to your eyes. ⚡ Note:​ Our heated eyelash curlers must wait 30 seconds after you hit the switch before they can be used properly. Click the switch button for the green light, which belongs to the first gear temperature (the first gear temperature is 65°, which is suitable for users with thin and soft eyelashes). Double-click the switch button for blue light, which belongs to the second gear temperature (the second gear temperature is 85°, suitable for users with hard or thick eyelashes)
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Eyebrow Trimming Scissors - LightsBetter Eyebrow Trimming Scissors - LightsBetter
Eyebrow Trimming Scissors $19.99 $39.99
Comes with Comb: Our brow scissors come with a comb for precise trimming and shaping, use our trimming scissors to create neat eyebrows, ensuring you get your money's worth. Quality Material: Our eyebrow scissors are made of stainless steel with a plastic handle, waterproof, will not rust, and will not deform. These small scissors are not only odourless but also safe for your health, making them ideal for daily use. Excellent Design: A professional eyebrow trimmer kit with an ergonomic handle and comb attachment makes it simple and comfortable to use, suitable for both beginners and experienced persons. The eyebrow shaper with a sharp knife edge can trim eyebrows quickly, and the comb can block the tip of the scissors so that the tip of the knife will not hurt people; the eyebrow shaver has a protective cover; it is safe, portable, convenient and easy to storage in your purse or bag. Easy to Use: Friendly to beginners and experienced people; just two simple steps achieve a neat and natural look. First, use an eyebrow razor to scrape the messy eyebrows around, and then cut off the long eyebrows or more places with an eyebrow trimming until you are happy with their look. Worry no more with an eyebrow set; it makes trimming your eyebrows easy! (Please note that the scissors are on top, and the comb is on the bottom) Wide Applications: The stainless steel eyebrow scissors with comb are suitable for home and travel use and perfect for trimming, grooming, and shaping eyebrows. The simple operation makes them ideal for both beginners and skillful people. These eyebrow trimmer scissors are excellent choices for makeup. You can also send them to your friends, family members, sisters, wife, girlfriend and so on as lovely gifts; they can help them trim their eyebrows easily and bring a lot of convenience to their lives.
Eyeliner and Eyelash Stickers - LightsBetter Eyeliner and Eyelash Stickers - LightsBetter
Eyeliner and Eyelash Stickers from $19.99
Save Makeup Time: For those who like to use make-up, you don’t need to draw eyeliner after using this product; you can quickly get beautiful eye makeup by just putting on the eyeliner. Easy to Use and Remove: When placed in the correct position on the eyes, they can be easily pasted without worrying about skewing. The high-quality ingredients can be completely torn apart and are very comfortable, and they will not cause any after peeling. Different styles: The reusable eyeliner stickers come in 7 colours, and you can get the perfect look in just a few seconds, which can satisfy your exquisite makeup. Suitable for Various Occasions: Reusable eyelash stickers can make you shine at Halloween, nightclubs, fancy dress parties, carnivals, role-playing, birthday parties, photography and other occasions to create your unique style. Waterproof and Safe Use: The reusable eyeliner is waterproof and durable and can maintain shape and colour for 3-5 days.
Eyeliner Gel Pen - LightsBetter Eyeliner Gel Pen - LightsBetter
Eyeliner Gel Pen $15.00
❤️ 6 Colorful Gel Eyeliner Pens: 6 different colours of eyeliner pen including matte & glitter & metallic & pearl effects eyeliner, and super pigmented formula, can be quickly coloured. A variety of fashionable colours can meet your different makeup needs. ❤️ Multifunctional Use: The Colorful Eyeliner Pencil can be used not only for eye makeup but also as a lip liner or an eye shadow and eyebrow pencil. This 4-in-1 coloured eyeliner set can give you a different sense of use. ❤️ Shimmer Eye Liner: This eye shadow eyeliner set, including flash collections, allows you to wear different makeup for different occasions, from youthful, bright makeup to mature, smoky eyes. Soft, smooth eye makeup pencils can help you create solid silhouettes and beautiful eyeliner. ❤️ Waterproof and Long Lasting: Highly pigmented, easy to apply and coloured, waterproof, smudge-proof, intense colouring lasts all day wearing. ❤️ Perfect Gift: 6 different colours of eyeliner, natural, comfortable formula and creamy texture that glide on smoothly and can be blended.Suitable for various occasions, weddings, parties, shopping, etc. It is composed of high-quality materials and can last all day. It will be a perfect gift for your friends, good friends and family.
FIT Concealer - LightsBetter FIT Concealer - LightsBetter
FIT Concealer from $19.99 $29.99
COVER PERFECTION 3-IN-1 CONCEALER: the SAEM Cover Perfection Triple Pot Concealer features a triple pot design with three subdivided functions to target various skin imperfections with a multi-coverage effect. This color-corrector palette can cover blemishes and spots or add definition and dimension to your features. TRI-COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE: This 3 in 1 concealer includes a Natural Beige shade, which is a perfect match for those with a natural beige skin tone, a highlighter shade for subtle highlighting, and a shading shade for contouring and adding definition and dimension in T-zone, nose bridge, jawline, forehead, and cheekbones. FULL COVERAGE & LONG-LASTING: Our concealer for mature skin is formulated to cover even the most stubborn blemishes and spots and stay put all day without frequent touch-ups. Our hydrating concealer addresses a range of skin imperfections and helps you achieve a 3-dimensional, flawless perfect makeup look. SOFT AND LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA: This dark circles corrector feels comfortable on the skin and does not weigh it down, even with multiple application layers. The soft-touch formula of our contour and corrector palette provides a smooth and even application, making it easy to apply and blend seamlessly into the skin. VEGAN AND FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: This natural concealer uses plant-based ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. Our lightweight concealer helps minimize skin pores without clogging, while the skin-friendly, vegan formula makes it suitable for use on every skin type, including sensitive skin.
Ultra Thin Foundation Brush - LightsBetter Ultra Thin Foundation Brush - LightsBetter
Foundation Spatula Brush from $9.99
❤ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The head uses a high-quality design and high elastic bristle. The handle is made of eco-friendly PP material with electroplate technology. Sturdy, with brilliant colour and cruelty-free. ❤ MULTI-USING: Our thin-blade foundation brush is not only for foundation but also for face mask products. ❤ PERFECT MAKEUP: The thin blade foundation brush allows you to achieve natural, flawless and smooth makeup application every time. ❤ EASY TAKEN&CLEANING: The thin blade foundation brush's bristle is thick and short and easy to clean. It is also suitable for taking during travelling; it is a good choice of ON THE GO brush. ❤ SAFE & RISK-FREE PURCHASE: 100% cruelty-free and vegan. No harm or irritation to the skin. If you are not completely satisfied with the cosmetic brushes, contact Amazon or us, and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.
Korean FV Foundation - LightsBetter Korean FV Foundation - LightsBetter
Korean FV Foundation from $12.98
Usage: Have some skincare and hydrate your skin first; second, apply one dot and then blend with a sponge immediately, and then the other side also apply and blend. Apply the foundation repeatedly with a small amount for the acne, etc. Concealer: Once for normal skin, twice or thrice for wrinkles, acne, and eye bag. Cover over 90% of imperfections and stay selfie-perfect anytime, anyplace. Upgraded Formula: Feature with the newest waterproof, sweat resistance, and oil absorb; the normal one(ivory & porcelain) for oily skin and Nourishing(nourishing ivory and nourishing porcelain) for dry skin, the hypoallergenic formula with no skin irritation also works for sensitive skin, normal skin, and combination skin. Finish: Porcelain for a matte finish and the nourishing one for a natural look; with primer, proper skin care, and set with the powder, the FV makeup foundation can be long-lasting for 10-12 hours. Cruelty-Free: All FV Cosmetic products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Please remember to wipe out the liquid on the bottleneck and keep it in the shade after usage. And feel free to contact us if you need help.
Eyelash Eyebrow Growth Serum/ 3-6 Days Delivery - LightsBetter Eyelash Eyebrow Growth Serum/ 3-6 Days Delivery - LightsBetter
Lash Growth Serum from $34.98 $69.99
3-6 days delivery within the USA LENGTHEN AND STRENGTHEN your eyelashes to achieve alluring eyes naturally. Our nourishing eyelash growth serum promotes new eyelash growth and fortifies existing hairs for bold, dramatic-looking eyes in as little as two weeks. This advanced formula eyelash growing serum provides a magical boost to thin, sparse and brittle lashes. Award-winning lash enhancing serum created with vitamins, peptides & amino acids for the appearance of longer, thicker-looking lashes in just 4-6 weeks with full improvement in 3 months.  POWERFUL AMINO ACIDS in L-Isoleucine support new growth by stimulating circulation to blood vessels around follicles. This fills in patchy eyelash lines so they look lush and healthy. Aspartic acid reinforces hair structure to make lashes stronger and more voluminous. RICH IN NUTRIENTS, our Eyelash Serum works wonders on the littlest of lashes to boost growth and volume. As a bonus, arginine helps hydrate hairs to resolve brittleness and strengthen them. With fuller and more dramatic lashes, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable fake eyelashes. GENTLE FORMULA is safe on delicate tissues along the lash line and beneath your eyelashes. Botanically derived ingredients infuse sheen and lustre without tell-tale redness and irritation. Our Serum can be used in the mornings before your makeup and in the evenings as part of your night-time skin care regimen. EASY TO APPLY with its fine-tip wand, the Eyelash Growth Serum goes on like your favourite eyeliner. Moving from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner, brush on a thin layer at the root lines to nourish follicles, promote new hair growth and strengthen existing hairs. SUGGESTED USE: Apply once daily on a clean, dry upper lash line like a liquid eyeliner. Use only one dip for both lash lines. Allow 2-3 minutes to fully dry. Do not get into the eyes; in the event of direct contact, rinse with cool water. Warning: This product is patent-registered as well as trademarked. Any misuse of them, marketing, or reselling without prior permission is illegal.
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Light Vanity Mirror - LightsBetter Light Vanity Mirror - LightsBetter
Light Vanity Mirror $59.99 $79.99
With 1X, 2X and 3X Magnification Design: There are two magnifying glass plates (magnification 2x/3x); when you need fine makeup details (such as eyeliner, mascara and contact lenses), the high-definition mirror is obvious, you can see the face For every detail so that you can enjoy meticulous makeup. 72 Smart Lights: There are 72 LED lights in the mirror. The brightness can be adjusted by touching the sensor switch, and the LED lights can be dimmed or brightened by long pressing the sensor switch. Very suitable for use in dimly lit areas. The base recess can hold Jewelry, cosmetics, watches, earrings, bracelets, etc., to meet our daily needs. 180-degree rotation & Tri-fold: The light-emitting makeup mirror on the worktable can be easily adjusted, and the viewing angle can be fixed perfectly and comfortably. Tri-Fold Design: Easy for take away and daily maintenance, can open or fold like a book when not used to protect it from dust or other scratches. The tri-fold and detachable design allows you to take it and enjoy delicate makeup anytime, anywhere. USE AT HOME OR ON THE GO: With its lightweight, portable design and dual power supply, your Beautyworks makeup mirror can be used anytime, anywhere. Plug in the USB at your vanity table or power with AAA batteries, and look your best on the go! Premium quality: Use high-quality UV coating to make the mirror more polished and smooth, preventing scratches on the surface, fingerprints and oil stains. ABS plastic boxes are more durable than ordinary plastics, which makes the mirrors last longer. USB Chargeable: This Led mirror is operated with a USB cable (including USB); the mirror cannot store power. Loved By Thousands: An illuminated mirror is the perfect gift for women who enjoy self-care and beauty. Perfect for birthdays, women, teens, and holidays. Opening the box feels like a gift and has a universally known quote.
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Lipstick Lip Shape - LightsBetter Lipstick Lip Shape - LightsBetter
Lipstick Lip Shape $14.99 $19.99
Matte Lipsticks: The formula has a luxurious, genuine matte finish with a silky soft texture for a more effortless finish. The texture of the lip colour is matte and velvety, not drying, and all colours are super popular. Convenient Design: This lipstick imitates the lip design, specially designed for lazy people, it fits most lip shapes, and the unique opening design is easy to use, allowing you to finish your makeup quickly. High-color Rendering: The colours have high colour rendering, very saturated colours, and silky texture; they are easy to apply evenly and shape charming and delicate lips anytime and anywhere. Portable: The compact and exquisite design makes it more convenient to carry it with you, apply makeup anytime, and keep your lips smooth and beautiful. Waterproof & Long-lasting: The texture is rich and velvety to layer comfortably on your lips. It does not stick to the cup, does not fade, is smudge-resistant and can hold makeup for a long time.
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Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer - LightsBetter Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer - LightsBetter
Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer $29.99 $44.99
💖 MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER AND DRYER MACHINE: Using dirty cosmetic brushes for makeup with oil, dead skin cells, old foundation makeup and dust can cause breakouts, clog your pores and lead to acne. Cleaning your cosmetic brushes regularly with the right makeup brush cleaner will help your skin look clear and healthy 💚 BETTER MAKEUP APPLICATION: Dead skin, oil, and old makeup caked onto dirty makeup brushes change how colour looks from eyeshadow, bronzer, foundation, or blush. Feel the fabulous sensation of like-new, lavish bristles for a flawless makeup application 💛 FAST CLEANING & DRYING: With a sonic frequency of more than 100 rotations per second, this automatic makeup brush cleaner machine deeply cleans and dries your makeup brushes set professionally in just 30 seconds without ruining or changing the shape of your makeup brushes. Splash & Hassle FREE 💙 HIGH-QUALITY MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER & DRYER: Cleaner/Dryer parts made of premium materials for long-lasting service, precision, and safety. Our makeup brush electric cleaner cleans your brushes to 99% for better performance applying makeup 💖 CLEANS BRUSHES IN JUST 30 SECONDS: You can get perfectly clean and dry brushes with the automatic brush cleaner in less than a minute. This will make makeup application much faster and more pleasing. Don't be surprised if you have extra time for another coffee before heading to work. 💚 8 COLLARS INCLUDED: accommodating all size brushes since clean and dry automatic brush cleaner includes an ergonomic electric switch for easy, intuitive operation. All parts of the kit are precision crafted for tight, leak-proof fit. The bowl is made of hygienic plastic and will not break if dropped. Easy use automatic makeup brush cleaner and dryer. 💛 EASY TO USE: There are just three steps to use this electric makeup cleaner and dryer easily. 1. Attach the brush to the spinner. 2. Pour water and soap into the bowl. 3.Dip & spin to clean, raise & spin to dry 💙 GUARANTEE for our automatic makeup brush cleaner ensures this will quickly become your favourite no-risk purchase. Many people are stocking up with 2 or 3 of these to keep them in multiple bathrooms and bedrooms and share them with family members. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this value set in plentiful supply. This makes a great birthday present, holiday gift, or anniversary gift. Also excellent for friends, family, and co-workers
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Mascara Shield Applicator/3Pcs - LightsBetter Mascara Shield Applicator/3Pcs - LightsBetter
Mascara Shield Applicator/3Pcs $12.99 $19.99
Material: made of quality plastic, smooth and not easy to break down, can provide you for a long time. Specification: each eyelash tool measures approx. 11 x 4.5 cm/ 4.33 x 1.77 inches (LW); normal size can fit most women and girls Easy to use: you can place these mascara guards under your eyes when applying mascara, which can prevent smudges or drops effectively, then brush your lashes with the eyelash comb to clean and tidy them. Applications: practical makeup tools which can match the lines of your eyes well, can help you draw natural eyelashes quickly, fit for your daily makeup or shop usage, and are especially suitable for people who just learned to makeup
Mini Epilator - LightsBetter Mini Epilator - LightsBetter
Mini Epilator from $19.99
LONG-LASTING RESULTS: epilate once and get smooth skin for up to 4 weeks with America’s #1 epilator brand. ALL-IN-ONE: deluxe hair removal beauty set to shave, trim, epilate, and massage with interchangeable heads for facial epilation and cleansing SAFE AND INSTANT PAINLESS: It is safe for all skin types. Sharp stainless steel precision blades deliver a perfect shave close to your skin without causing any pulls, nicks, redness or irritation. WORLD’s 1st: epilator with a fully flexible head for effortless hair removal EFFICIENT: remove 4x shorter hair than wax, adapt to every contour for an efficient epilation, even in difficult areas like the knee and underarm CONVENIENT: as easy as shaving, as long-lasting as wax for salon-like smooth skin at home. Cordless and rechargeable PRECISION EYEBROW HAIR REMOVAL: The precision hair removal tip is used on the top and bottom between the eyebrows and immediately wipes unwanted and scattered eyebrows without pain. No pain of pulling hair. STYLISH AND PORTABLE: This designed and stylish eyebrow remover is portable, lightweight, and small enough to keep in your handbag, bag or clutch at all times. A Perfect Gift for Girlfriend, Mother, Birthday, Mother's Day, or Christmas. 100% WATERPROOF: you can use it in the shower or bath, with an anti-slip grip for control even when wet. Epilation becomes virtually painless with frequent use of water. SAVE MONEY: Never make a hair removal appointment again. Switch to Silk·épil from waxing at the salon and save over $700 a year. MULTIFUNCTIONAL: shave, trim, exfoliate, and epilate with interchangeable heads USB-Rechargeable: The eyebrow hair remover with a Built-in Ni-Cd AAA battery can be charged using any charging cable. GIFT: Give a gift of an at-home salon-like experience with the perfect Mother's Day gifts for mom, sister, daughter, or wife
Mini Finger Makeup Puff - LightsBetter Mini Finger Makeup Puff - LightsBetter
Mini Finger Makeup Puff $14.99
High-Quality: This beauty sponge has no odour after repeated use. The cosmetic applicator is made of selected high-quality and skin-friendly polyurethane (PU) materials, not easy to break and deform and suitable for all kinds of skin—longer service life than typical beauty tools. Benefit: Fully fit the fingertips, making concealment and detail application as flexible as using fingers. The puff is soft and delicate, and the makeup is compliant. Flawless Application: With a small body and a small pointed toe, it fits the classic sharp corner design of the face; it makes it easy to cover the concealer parts, such as the nose wing under the eyes, and take care of the details of the face to protect the concealer quickly. Suitable for Cosmetics: Beauty makeup sponges for all kinds of beauty products, and it is a professional makeup applicator sponge. It is well-suitable for blusher, highlight, eye shadow, contour shading, and liquid cosmetics, such as concealer, liquid foundation, powder, etc. Portable Packaging: The puff is designed to be carried around, making it easy to touch up your make-up at the office or while shopping. Very compact and portable!
-43% sale
Natural Magnetic Eyelashes - LightsBetter Natural Magnetic Eyelashes - LightsBetter
Natural Magnetic Eyelashes $19.99 $34.99
Magnetic Technology: Place the false eyelashes on the tool gently press on the natural eyelashes; you can fuse the two; magnetic technology makes the eyelashes very natural adsorption fit, so there will be no sense of foreign body, significantly saving your makeup time! Natural & Comfort: Our Magnetic Eyelashes are made of comfortable and high-quality materials, natural and non-marking; you can't even tell the difference between real and fake eyelashes; lightweight and comfortable, you can easily wear them all day long. No Glue or Eyeliner Needed: With the advanced magnetic technology, you don't need to rely on glue and eyeliner anymore, which solves the most difficult step in makeup and reduces the burden on your eyes, making them lighter. Easy to Use and Remove: Magnetic eyelashes are reusable without the hassle of glue adhesives, more accessible to remove, have a portable and compact design, and are easy to use. Critical Step of Eye Makeup: Eyes are the windows of the soul, and having perfect eye makeup will enhance your overall facial makeup. With this magnetic eyelash curler, you are the crowd's focus. High-Quality Materials: Imported mink velvet eyelashes and amorphous soft magnetic eyelashes are ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible, natural, and bushy, allowing them to conform to your eye shape comfortably. The application of our dual magnetic eyelashes requires no glue or adhesives. Make your eyes look bright and attractive. Segmented Soft Magnets: Our soft magnets are the thinnest, lightest and Finest in the world, but the magnetic force is the best! The magnetic force lasts up to 6-12 months, and we use ultra-thin soft magnets of only 0.015mm, light and soft mink lashes; a pair weighs only 0.028g, 2-3 times lighter than traditional lashes, and is more comfortable! Keep Longer: We control the magnetic force of the magnetic eyelashes at 16-18Gs, which can easily attach to your eyelashes and won't hurt your native eyelashes; everything is just right; keep it for a day, won't fall off messily even if you accidentally rub your eyes to make it deviate, you can always take it off and put it on again Because this is our best characteristic, quick to take off and wear, it will bring you long-lasting beautiful makeup. Comfortable: magnetic eyelashes, so you don't have to worry about removing makeup. Segmented magnetic technology allows you to get rid of glue and eyeliner, no more worry about eye skin problems from long time use, one second to take off, get rid of makeup remover; our magnetic eyelashes are light and natural, won't make you feel like you are wearing false eyelashes. Perfect gift: This magnetic false eyelash has a cross-generational significance, overturning the traditional false eyelashes, high-end atmospheric packaging, high-quality products, suitable for weddings, parties, holidays and other important occasions to wear, can be given as a gift at Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day to your mother, friends and wife, to provide you with a delicate makeup.
Nozzle Opener - LightsBetter Nozzle Opener - LightsBetter
Nozzle Opener from $14.99 $24.99
Our eyelash adhesive glue plug has high-cost performance, suitable for beauty salons or personal use. This eyelash glue bottle can improve the use efficiency of glue, which is an essential accessory for extending eyelashes. This eyelash extension glue nozzle replacement device avoids the embarrassment of hardening the glue, blocking the bottle mouth and not pouring the glue. This extension glue plug is suitable for most plastic bottle mouths and is convenient and practical.