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When you buy a Brow Pen, please choose the colour of the free one!
  • 🦄【Perfect Eyebrow Pencil Set】Eyebrow tattoo pen, we have five colours of eyebrow pencils; you can choose the most suitable eyebrow pencil for you according to your hair colour and preferences; it is easier to create the perfect brow shape to complement any makeup look.
  • 🦄【Easy to Apply】Brow pen has a unique micro-split applicator, which makes it easier to outline the eyebrows than ordinary eyebrow pencils. Continue to apply evenly along the brow shape drawn in the last step to create natural, vivid, attractive eyebrows.
  • 🦄【Easy to Use】Microblading eyebrow pencil enhances the eyebrows by filling in the gaps, following the contour of the eyebrows to colour, repeating to the depth you like, and outlining more precise and natural eyebrows; even beginners can easily make up, saving your precious time.
  • 🦄【Long-lasting Effect】Waterproof will not fade or smudge your brow makeup due to sweat, rain or even water sports; the effect is long-lasting, and the long-lasting formula will ensure that your glamorous makeup will last all day.
  • 🦄【Easy Removal】This eyebrow pencil is easy to remove, can be gently wiped with cleansing oil or cleansing oil, can be easily removed without any force, and there will be no residue. If you have questions or are not completely satisfied, please get in touch with us in time, and we will provide you with 24-hour service.

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