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Herbal Peel-Off Mask - LightsBetter Herbal Peel-Off Mask - LightsBetter
Peel Off Mask $24.99
Our Feature:1. Effective and fast: The mask can quickly and effectively remove blackheads, tighten the skin and smooth wrinkles to slow aging.2. The peeling mask can remove impurities, stubborn stains and oil spots on the face.3. The mask helps you easily remove acne and stains on your chin, cheeks, forehead and nose. So you don't need to spend much money on professionals but get the same treatment.4. Painless and deep cleansing: The mask is very easy to use. It contains active ingredients, removing unwanted blackheads on your skin easily and painlessly.5. The mask cleanses the entire face when peeling off. It also makes the skin naturally clear and bright. How to Use:1. apply evenly on the face after cleansing to avoid touching the eyes and lips.2. After the mask dries, wait 20-30 minutes and gently lift it from top to bottom.3. Use 2-3 times a week.Note:1. If you feel unwell, stop using it immediately.2. Keep this product out of the reach of children.3. Avoid storing light at room temperature.
Multipurpose Car Tray - LightsBetter Multipurpose Car Tray - LightsBetter
Multipurpose Car Tray from $24.22
Extra Large Expandable Tray: 360° rotatable tray for this cup holder tray can be expanded up to 10.35*8.54*1.1 inches; you can watch videos on your phone while eating, or you can place anything you decide to put on the seat next to you usually. Aucurwen makes in-car dining and storage more enjoyable and convenient! Liftable Design: Unlike other cup trays, the liftable design of the Aucurwen cup holder tray can raise the cup holder expander for the car so that it no longer protrudes into the joystick, the central console or the passenger seat, bringing you the most comfortable and convenient experience. Several Designs & Ptions: If your car has space limitations, a detachable cup holder expander for the car is a great alternative. This car tray can be switched into three forms: only cup holder, only car tray, or car cup holder expander. Having this car gadget keeps your car interior organized! Adjust Freely Without Shaking: This car cup holder expander has 5 knobs that can adjust the angle at will to help you find your comfort zone. After you adjust the angle, tighten the knob to lock it. The locked car food tray is stable and does not shake, making your road trip safe and comfortable. Double Cup Holder Expander for Car: The 3-in-1 car food tray has two cup holders of different sizes. The main car cup holder has a U-shaped groove and 4 non-slip rubber pads, which are suitable for 2.4"-3.74" coffee and travel mugs. The diameter of the auxiliary cup holder for the car is 2.87", compatible with medium or large Coke cups from fast food restaurants, etc. Aucurwen car trays for eating are one of your road trip essentials! Best Gift Choice: The car trays for eating are made of high-quality ABS material, which combines the convenience, versatility, and space required in the car, aiming to bring convenience and comfort to road trips. It is one of the perfect car gadgets!
Faucet Filter - LightsBetter Faucet Filter - LightsBetter
Faucet Filter from $6.99
Strong filter: Our faucet filter removes chlorine and chloramine, reduces fluoride and softens hard water by filtering up to 99.9% of lead, calcium, rust, iron, heavy metals and sediments. Soften the hard water and improve the condition of your skin. Enjoy the clean water with your family. 360° Rotating Design: The water filter for the kitchen sink swivels 360°, freely rotatable at any angle you want. It makes it easier to clean vegetables, plates and other kitchen stuff, and it is efficient kitchen faucet Fixable Angle Extension Tube: The extended tube can make the faucet sprayer reach everywhere in your sink and help you rinse the dishes quickly and cleanly. If your sink is shallow, only use the faucet sprayer head attachment without connecting the extension tube. High-Quality Materials: This faucet filter is made from premium quality ABS plastic and stainless steel, is environmentally friendly and durable, and has no leaks. Shiny, bright, polished chrome plated matches with most sink faucets Easy to install: It is compatible with most faucets. This item can be directly mounted on the faucets with 22mm male thread diameter or use with the included faucet adapter to mount on the faucets with 23.5-24mm female thread diameter.
Kids U-Shape Toothbrush - LightsBetter Kids U-Shape Toothbrush - LightsBetter
Kids U-Shape Toothbrush from $12.99 $17.99
360° Design: 360 Cleansing Method With its brush head, it perfectly achieves a three-sided fitting of teeth and gums to help effectively clean teeth. Multi-layer bristles design gives teeth complete protection. Easy-to-grip handles to provide comfort and control while brushing. Food-grade materials: We use food-grade silicone brushes. Safe materials, healthier for babies to use. Soft fur will not damage your baby's gums. Clean every corner of the teeth to protect the baby's gums. Simple Steps: Shake the toothpaste before squeezing it around the brush, put it inside your kid's mouth, and sway from left to right. Rinse after using. Very easy to use. Easy use for Kids: Brushing teeth with a regular toothbrush can be a pain for kids, which leads to bad breath and unhealthy teeth. This product will help you teach your kids how to brush their teeth and have a healthy mouth! FRESH BREATH and ORAL HYGIENE: Research shows the tongue accumulates more bacterial plaque than any other part of the oral cavity. An excellent tongue cleaner is clinically proven to be the single most effective way to reduce bad breath. Proper dental care and education early is the best way to encourage and achieve excellent oral hygiene in children. COMFORT & SAFETY: Easy grip handles provide comfort and control, and two cute colours increase your child's interest in brushing. Safe, fast and convenient, easy to use at home or travel.
Bunion Corrector™ - LightsBetter Bunion Corrector™ - LightsBetter
Bunion Corrector™ from $19.99 $29.99
You're Not Alone Up to 1 in 3 Americans have bunions. The foot problem is more common in older adults, especially women. Bunions can form on one or both feet. Bunions are caused by the pressure from the way you walk (foot mechanics) or the shape of your foot (foot structure) causes your big toe to bend in toward the second toe. Bunions happen gradually over time.  The Bunion Corrector Helps You The Bunion Corrector helps ease bunion pain by reducing friction, irritation, and pressure on the bunion joints with a luxuriously cushy gel design. Orthopedic Benefits Protect the bunion, relieve the pain of the big toe Soft material reduces friction between toes and shoes Comfort the bone of hallux valgus and corns Reduces toe and foot discomfort Stretches and aligns toes Increase blood circulation Straighten bent toes Realign the joint toe Improve foot strength Bunion relief
-34% sale
Semi-Cured Gel Nail Patch Semi-Cured Gel Nail Patch
Semi-Cured Gel Nail Patch $19.99 $29.99
Note: Does not include Drying Lamp; if you need one, please click here Our Advantages: REAL semi-cured gel nail polish wraps, with various colours and pattern designs, will perfectly satisfy your daily fashion demand. Enjoy instant manicures from now on! Easy Application & Removal: Very easy to put on, file down and cure by UV light in just a few minutes.  Removal is also quite easy; peel them off with wood sticks or fingers. Convenient & User-friendly: Want to have tailor-fit, instant salon-style manicures? Our gel nail kit is the best choice. You will have great fun making instant manicures at home or office instead of nail salons. Non-toxic & Long-lasting Material: No more topcoat is needed as it is already integrated into our gel nail wraps. No drying time. No damage to your nails. They can last up to 2 weeks when fully cured by UV light. NAIL DESIGNS FOR ALL:  With a diverse range of gel nail sticker designs and colours, we have something for everyone and every occasion (shopping, dating, friends gathering, wedding, gifting, Christmas or simply at home). From dashing diva gel nail strips to French tip nails, from dazzling glitter to ombre/gradient, you can always find the right style with nail gel nail strips. TIME & COST-SAVING: Say goodbye to expensive nail salons; you can save money and time with Nailog's DIY manicure kit.. Achieve a flawless manicure in minutes with less than half of the salon price.
-59% sale
Hair Split End Remover - LightsBetter Hair Split End Remover - LightsBetter
Split Ends Trimmer $49.99 $119.99
Easy to Use: Rid your hair of split ends faster, safer and in minutes. NO hair oil, cream, brush, conditioner or shampoo can prevent the development of split ends. For more consistent, healthy and beautiful hair, trim the damaged, broken ends with the Split Ender and enjoy the benefits of a softer, natural shine. The perfect tool for breakage and damaged hair caused by blow dryers, flat irons, chemicals and colour treatments. For all types of hair: Designed for frizzy, curly, straight, thick or thin hair as long as the hair is chin length or longer. Frizzy hair may require flat ironing your hair before using the Split-Ender. Results may vary depending on the customer's previous hair condition. Rechargeable: it includes a power adaptor with bi-volt 110-240 volts. Use plugged-in or wireless. Charge the battery before use for 3 to 4 hours. It has a fixed trim setting, cleaning brush and carrying bag. Convenient for storage. New and Sealed: Easy to open packaging. The product requires a Fully Charged Batterie to work as intended. Place small strands of hair from start to finish to get the best result and texture. Thanks to the user manual, the buyer can discover all the functionalities before using the Split Ender and the care necessary to preserve the unit in optimal conditions. Ideal Gift & One-Year Warranty: This hair-trimming device is the best gift for any family member or close friend. We provide a one-year warranty, so please feel free to contact us if you are not satisfied, and we will provide you with a 100% satisfaction solution.
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Magical Waterproof Brow Pen / Buy 1 Get 1 Free - LightsBetter 🔥HOT DEAL🔥 Magical Waterproof Brow Pen/Buy 1 Get 1 Free - LightsBetter
🔥HOT DEAL🔥 Magical Waterproof Brow Pen/Buy 1 Get 1 Free $19.99 $39.99
🔥 HOT DEAL 🔥 🦄【Easy to Apply】Brow pen has a unique micro-split applicator, which makes it easier to outline the eyebrows than ordinary eyebrow pencils. Apply evenly along the brow shape drawn in the last step to create natural, vivid, attractive eyebrows. 🦄【Perfect Eyebrow Pen Set】Eyebrow tattoo pen, we have five colours of eyebrow pen; you can choose the most suitable eyebrow pencil for you according to your hair colour and preferences. Creating the perfect brow shape to complement any makeup look is easier. 🦄【Easy to Use】Microblading eyebrow pen enhances the eyebrows by filling in the gaps, following the contour of the eyebrows to colour, repeating to the depth you like, and outlining more precise and natural eyebrows; even beginners can easily make up, saving your precious time. 🦄【Long-lasting Effect】Waterproof will not fade or smudge your brow makeup due to sweat, rain or even water sports; the effect is long-lasting, and the long-lasting formula will ensure that your glamorous makeup will last all day. 🦄【Easy Removal】This eyebrow pen is easy to remove, can be gently wiped with cleansing or cleansing oil, easily removed without any force, and there will be no residue. 🦄 [How to Use]: Step 1: Start with clean & dry eyebrows Step 2: Make sure all 4 tips are touching your brow. Start at the bottom of your brows and stroke upwards. Repeat this, moving along your brow until you've achieved your desired look. Step 3: Wait 1-2 minutes for your new, full-looking brows to dry! 🦄  [How To Prevent Dry] Keep the cap TIGHT and UPRIGHT-TIP DOWN when NOT in use to ensure the tip can't dry out! For a pen version of a liquid eyebrow, always keep the lid on when you're not using it. Just make sure you hear the CLICK when closing the cap!
Atmosphere Light - LightsBetter Atmosphere Light - LightsBetter
Atmosphere Light from $24.98
BRING LIFE TO YOUR CAR & ROOM Wireless Colour and Music Control Choose Your Collection Type1: Multicolours Light (5 Colours + 6M Wire Strip Light) Ideal for car decoration, parties, camping, bar decoration, etc. RGB colours with different modes for you to choose 360-degree adjustable. Flexible and easy to install, it can be folded into any shape and cut to any length. APP control makes it easier to control the light anytime, anywhere. Music sound control, creating a cheerful & relaxing atmosphere. App download: you scan the QR code of the Bluetooth receiver. Type2: Single Colour Light (5M Wire Strip Light) Flexible and water-resistant, it can be bent into any shape and cut into any length Waterproof degree: IPX6 waterproof Connection: USB driver/cigarette driver Working voltage: 12V/5V Lifespan: > 80,000 hours Wire Length: 5 meters Colour temperature:3000-10000k Working Temperature: - 30℃ ~ 80℃ 10 Color: White / Red / Blue / Green / Orange / Pink / Purple / Ice blue / Yellow /Fluorescent Green Type 3: Multicolours LED Strips (7 colours + 48 LED Lamp) Wireless music control seven-colour RGB car interior lights kit. High-quality RGB LED strip lights, waterproof, anti-collision, anti-corrosion. Wireless IR control: change the colour as you wish. It also comes with a music control mode, which makes your car more attractive. Control mode: 16 signal colour control, brightness control, ON/OFF, two jump mode control, two fade mode control Application Vehicle decoration-decoration of cars, bicycles, and boats. Interior decoration-used for corridor/room atmosphere lights. Holiday decoration-Christmas, Halloween, etc. Easy installation There is no need to stick adhesive; plug the lamp strip directly into the door or instrument desk service and the panel seams.
-47% sale
Earwax Cleaner with Camera - LightsBetter Earwax Cleaner with Camera - LightsBetter
Earwax Cleaner with Camera $34.99 $64.99
Our goods are authentic, with genuine patents, and counterfeits must be investigated! Customers, please identify our products! 👇Wi-Fi visible wax elimination spoon, USB 1296P HD load otoscope🔥THIS PRODUCT IS A LIMITED PRODUCTION AND IS NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES. WILL SELL OUT FAST!🔥 Wi-Fi visual connection can be perfectly combined with Android and iOS devices. It can be connected at 32.8 feet. You can also connect to the tablet. The user is equipped with a 3-axis gyroscope, which can provide soft image transmission, which helps the operation of the ear. High-definition effective pixels, 3P medical-grade endoscope: use optical lens and high-performance 500W pixel CMOS sensor to explore a variety of perspectives in the ear to make a variety of possibilities in the future (lens diameter: 3.5mm, best focal length: 15-20mm, depth of field: 10-50mm) Six cold light LED lights can help you illuminate the channel and see the dark places. Stay calm about why it warms up or is cold; the integrated system will control it at a constant temperature. Waterproof IPX5 is easy to clean and has a long shelf life. USB quickly charges, which can be loaded entirely in only one hour and used continuously. It can be used for 14 days after 5 minutes a day. In many applications, you can observe the auditory channel and check the ears, mouth, throat, nasal cavity, scalp hair and other body parts. This is an essential tool for family health. Innovative technology: PC+silicone elastic ear spoons, gentle and comfortable ears and pain. Avoid material infection, so ear spoons with unique materials are used (Note: prohibit children under three years old) Can replace the ear spoon head and remove cross-infection! 2PCS ear spoons have been upgraded to two different materials from the previous PC: zinc alloy ear spoons silicone, not easy to break; exclusive silicone+PC two-colour ear spoons Specs: Condition: 100% newColour: black, whitePixel: 1296pFrequency of operation: 2.4 GHz.Image transmission rate: 30 fpsImage sensor: CMOSWorking room temperature: 14.0-122.0 ° FBattery type: lithium battery (integrated).Battery duration: approximately 35-40min.Load time: 1 hour.Battery capacity: 130 mAh.Input current: CC 5 V 300 Ma.Lens diameter: about 0.2 inches.Focal length: 0.6-0.8 inGravity sensor: 3 axes
Drain Stopper Filter - LightsBetter Drain Stopper Filter - LightsBetter
Drain Stopper Filter from $12.99
DISPOSABLE: The most sanitary and convenient way to protect your drain. No more cleaning hair or even moulds built up on the drain covers. With our product, you peel off and toss it when it becomes full. WATERPROOF ADHESIVE: Strong waterproof adhesive ensures the hair hatcher stays in place even in water for weeks. The product sticks very well to any surface, whether metal, plastic or tile. Tip: Please take it off when it is wet for easy removal. COST EFFECTIVE: Save hundreds of dollars from spending on after-the-fact solutions such as clog remover chemicals, plumber visits, or other gadgets. With our product, you can easily protect the drain from clogging less than a dollar per month. Our hair catcher can be used on the drain in the bathtub, shower stall or bathroom vanity sink. TIME SAVER: A few seconds to prevent drain clogs. Extremely easy to use. Just peel & stick over the drain and replace every 2-3 weeks (or as necessary). Our product will catch all the hair and stop it from going down the drain while you spend time on better things in your life.
Professional Foam Cleaner - LightsBetter Professional Foam Cleaner - LightsBetter
Professional Foam Cleaner from $20.00 $40.00
Great foam cleaner: can magically make your car interiors or home appliances look like new ones! Multi-surface cleaner: produces a penetrating foam that takes on grime where it hides. Perfect cleaning: It eliminates grease,stuck-on dirt, dust, fingerprints and any unwanted stain on all surfaces, leaving a non-greasy, matte finish that prevents fading, discolouration and cracking. Multi-purpose Foam Cleaner: makes your car interiors and house look like new ones! Easily remove even ground-in dirt and grime. Wipes won't dry out, damage or fade. It fights fade, aging, and cracking and provides UV protection. All-purpose car interior cleaners are perfect for your furnishing and car's dash, vinyl, consoles, leather car detailing and more. Effective Formula: Mild and concentrated formula can emulsify the grease and grime on contact effortlessly with dense foam, with no injuries to hands or articles, and safe and fast. Wide range of applications: Multipurpose foam cleaner spray is suitable for various surfaces, such as fabric, finished leather, glass, rubber, metal, gel coat, etc. Keep Fresh: The fresh lemon scent of the garden can keep the air fresh and eliminate odour. Easy to use: Directly spray cleaner on the desired area. Use a towel or sponge to wipe until the stain is removed. No rinsing is required; wipe away the foam after cleaning. 
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