Magnetic Eyelashes

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  • High-Quality Materials: Imported mink velvet eyelashes, Amorphous Soft Magnetic eyelashes are ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible, Natural and bushy, allowing them to conform to your eye shape comfortably. The application of our dual magnetic eyelashes is no glue or adhesives required. Make your eyes look bright and attractive.
  • Segmented Soft Magnets: Our soft magnets are the thinnest, lightest and Finest in the world, but the magnetic force is the best! The magnetic force lasts up to 6-12 months, and we use ultra-thin soft magnets of only 0.015mm, light and soft mink lashes; a pair weighs only 0.028g, 2-3 times lighter than traditional lashes more comfortable!
  • Keep Longer: We control the magnetic force of the magnetic eyelashes at 16-18Gs, which can easily attach to your eyelashes and won't hurt your native eyelashes; everything is just right; keep it for a day, won't fall off messily even if you accidentally rub your eyes to make it deviate, you can always take it off and put it on again Because this is our best characteristic, quick to take off and wear, it will bring you long-lasting beautiful makeup.
  • Comfortable: magnetic eyelashes, so you don't have to worry about removing makeup, segmented magnetic technology allows you to get rid of glue and eyeliner, no more worry about eye skin problems from long time use, one second to take off, get rid of makeup remover, our magnetic eyelashes are light and natural, won't make you feel like you are wearing false eyelashes.
  • Perfect gift: This magnetic false eyelash has a cross-generational significance, overturning the traditional false eyelashes, high-end atmospheric packaging, high-quality products, suitable for weddings, parties, holidays and other important occasions to wear, can be given as a gift at Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day to your mother, friends and wife, to provide you with a delicate makeup.

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