4 in 1 Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper - LightsBetter 4 in 1 Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper - LightsBetter
4 in 1 Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper $34.99 $49.99
[Multifunction Set]: With it, you can have an electric vegetable cutter, an electric meat mincer and an electric cleaning brush at the same time; it is more convenient to cut and side dishes, fresh ingredients, easy to clean, use it once and fall in love with it! [LARGE CAPACITY: 20ml large capacity, USB charging high-speed motor, gun cut into slices, no need for a container to cook in seconds, garlic slices and pepper rings are even and beautiful [ONE-KEY CLEANING: Rinse the whole machine, add detergent to the feed port to start with one key and stir for 5 seconds to clean with running water. [COMFORTABLE GRIP: The mini handheld wireless electric garlic masher is made of ABS, PC material and stainless steel blade, which is durable and corrosion resistant. High-quality stainless steel blades can quickly chop and mash. In addition, it breaks the hovering click mode of the traditional electric garlic paste, and the ergonomic design will not tire the hand. [Filling Hole]: It is also convenient to add one, avoiding the tedious steps of opening and screwing the cap, and the long ingredients such as pepper, cowpea, yam, etc. can be directly inserted [Multipurpose]: Chopping Garlic, Ginger, Chili, Peanut, Walnut, Etc. Make Complementary Food, Juices, Milkshakes, Desserts, Smoothies, Etc. [Directly Put Into the Pot]: Automatically cut vegetables, immediately cut and ready to use. Shot-cut slicing, no need for a container to cook in seconds; the garlic slices and chilli rings are even and beautiful.
4 In 1 USB Cable - LightsBetter 4 In 1 USB Cable - LightsBetter
4 In 1 USB Cable $19.99
One for All: Charge any devices with the interchangeable, built-in Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors. Enhanced Durability: Extreme reinforcement keeps internal wiring protected from trauma and degradation. Charge Fast: MFi certification from Apple and strict quality testing ensure all your devices are charged safely and at their fastest possible speed. A Cable for Life: We're so confident about PowerLine II's long-lasting performance that we gave it a hassle-free, lifetime warranty. What You Get: Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable, a hassle-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.
Acupuncture Massage Pen - LightsBetter Acupuncture Massage Pen - LightsBetter
Acupuncture Massage Pen $14.99 $19.99
What you get: the package comes with one retractable copper probe and one stainless steel starlight probe, which help locate the spot and apply pressures on points of pain. Proper size: the diameter of the golden acupoint stimulator pen is 3 mm and 7 mm, and the diameter of the stainless steel probe is 2 mm and 5 mm, with an elaborate small detecting head, which more precisely positions the sensitive acupoint Quality material: the facial reflexology tools are made of stainless steel, which is durable and sturdy, serving you for a long time; The handle has a texture, so the body point probe can be quickly and safely grasped Features: the tip of the thin ear and body point probe stimulator is forged into a solid ball, and the gold acupuncture pen is equipped with a spring, so you will never accidentally press the acupuncture points hard A convenient way to travel: the facial reflexology tools are light and portable, easily placed in your pocket, purse or bag. It is an excellent way to relieve pain during a trip or after a full day of work.
Auto Bumper Guard / 2Pcs - LightsBetter Auto Bumper Guard / 2Pcs - LightsBetter
Auto Bumper Guard / 2Pcs $14.99 $24.99
Colours: carbon fibre black, carbon fibre white, carbon fibre red, carbon fibre gray. Scope of application: front and rear bumpers and vulnerable parts Function: Anti-scratch, collision absorption Material: environmentally friendly PVC soft rubber Size: about 41cm in length, 4.5cm in width, and about 5.2cm at the widest point Quantity: 2 pieces/set Installation method: 1. Wipe off the dust, oil and dirt on the car and choose the position of the sticker. 2. When the temperature is below 0°C, heat the product and paste it. 3. After tearing off the tape on the back of the product, stick it to where it needs to be installed. 4. The product can be installed in any location freely according to users' needs. The package includes: 2 Anti-collision strip
Bath Foot Rest - LightsBetter Bath Foot Rest - LightsBetter
Bath Foot Rest from $19.99 $27.99
Proper Position: Position at any height you need for shaving in the shower, Angled for better balance, eliminate the need for awkward bending and stretching, and avoid the risk of injury. Easy to Install: The bathroom footstep can be mounted directly on the shower wall, easily removable. It comes with a good performance suction cup, can stick to the wall tile tightly, and is excellent weight-bearing ensure. Premium Material: The bathroom footrest is made of premium plastic material, sturdy and durable, can be used for a long time, anti-slip finished surface, upgrade thickness, and a comfortable touch feeling, sturdy and durable. Angle Design: The angled design can provide better balance. Angle design for better balance, slip accidents won¡¯t quickly happen to children or the old, ensure use safe. Smooth Surface: The surface of the shaving footrest is smooth with a comfortable touch feeling. The surface will bring you a comfortable touch-feeling, offer you a pleasant shaving space, and allow you to enjoy the showering time. Be sure to: Always test to confirm that the suction is tight before each use. To be used only as a balancing assist - not for body weight leverage. Be sure to attach to smooth, dry, non-porous surfaces, Tile must be 4"x 4" or greater.
Blackout Curtain - LightsBetter Blackout Curtain - LightsBetter
Blackout Curtain from $19.99
Suction Cup Roller Blinds: These blinds are made of PVC material with a scratch-resistant layer. Privacy shutters are water and oil resistant and suitable for installation on home kitchen office windows. Insulation and UV protection: This roller blind blocks external heat and keeps the indoor temperature cooler in summer. Roll-up shades block harmful UV rays and reduce glare, so you no longer need to be bothered by harsh sunlight. Adjustable and easy to use: The shade can be adapted to any size window; it can be placed at the top, bottom or middle position at any height from the window to provide the best sunlight and privacy protection according to your needs. Retractable roller shutters can be carried anywhere, and lightweight door curtains and sturdy suction cups can be easily attached to windows. EASY TO INSTALL: Our shutters are held in place by suction cups and can be attached directly to the glass (no drilling required) without any messy stickers or glues that would damage the window. Attach the suction cup to the window pane in just a few minutes. Wide range of applications: This curtain can be used on glass or smooth surfaces such as car windows, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It can be installed anywhere that needs to be shaded from the sun, helping to block most light and UV rays and protecting your indoor furniture from direct sunlight.
Blanket with Sleeves - LightsBetter Blanket with Sleeves - LightsBetter
Blanket with Sleeves from $64.99
FLUFFY WEARABLE BLANKET: Our blanket is 30% longer to cover your body. You never have to complain about others being too short, too tight, and don’t allow you to feel as comfortable as expected! Keeping you warm and cozy while lounging around the house, watching, reading, playing, working on your computer, camping, or enjoying a sporting event.Perfect for fall campfires, cold mornings at the campground, or just cuddling SUPER SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: You can easily tuck your legs into the plush, fluffy Sherpa hoodie without it being tight; the blanket sleeves can be slipped over the hands to keep warm. Your legs, stomach, neck, back, arms and head are all wrapped at the same time, with the same softness, warmth, and comfort all at once. LUXURY MATERIAL AND ELABORATE DESIGN: Made of super soft micro mink fleece on one side and plush sherpa fleece on the flip side. It's a snuggly and warm oversized blanket. There is a substantial front pocket to hide the remote, phone, snacks, and game controller, and your arms never get cold. Your hands get all the goodness of the soft, silky outside material. PERFECT GIFT: Our blanket is the perfect gift for kids, moms, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, parents, sports fans, students, and friends on cozy holidays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries. Great gift for people who get cold very quickly/live in chilly houses, and are movie night lovers! ONE SIZE FITS ALL AND MACHINE WASHABLE: The vast, oversized, comfortable design hoodie is a perfect size for any adult, teenage boys and girls,14 yr up, and very thick to keep you warm. Machine Washable and this oversized blanket sweatshirt stays the same after every wash.
Bluetooth Fingerprint Lock - LightsBetter Bluetooth Fingerprint Lock - LightsBetter
Bluetooth Fingerprint Lock from $39.99 $79.99
Smart Fingerprint Unlock: Say goodbye to cumbersome password combinations. You can only unlock the intelligent padlock with your finger for a split second. You never have to worry about losing your password or forgetting your password. A fingerprint padlock can register up to 10 sets of fingerprints. You can also authorize and share the lock with your family/friends to use it. Connect smart padlock to free mobile app by Bluetooth. The app can register fingerprints, unlock, and set authorized users. APP & Bluetooth Function: Thanks to the high-tech biometry semiconductor sensor and Bluetooth tech, the thumbprint padlock is responsive and only takes less than 0.5secs to unlock without the hassle of recognition error. The fingerprint lock can also record the unlocking person, unlocking time, unlocking location, and checking the usage time and location in real-time. Extreme Long Run Time & USB Rechargeable: This smart fingerprint padlock equips with a 180MAH lithium battery, which has low power consumption and long standby time. It can unlock about 2000 times on one charge. It will remain locked when out of battery; charge it with a USB power supply(not over 5V), and it will resume working 360° Fingerprint Recognition: Friendly to kids and the elderly, with no need for a key, follow the direction in the guidebook to enter or delete the fingerprint; move the finger at multiple angles when entering the fingerprints, to better recognize the fingerprint when unlocking Portable & Wide Uses: Use Your Fingerprint to Unlock. Never lose your key again. It is small, portable, and versatile. At just 2.8oz, this mighty tough padlock is light and convenient to carry. Valid for multiple users on shared gates, lockers, storage rooms, gyms, schools, offices, garages, warehouses, backpacks, and cabinets.
Body Clothing Tape - LightsBetter Body Clothing Tape - LightsBetter
Body Clothing Tape $14.99 $19.99
Versatile tape: this product is perfect for all your fashion mishaps and Beauty clothing needs. Superior adhesion: Unlike other brands, this double-sided tape for fashion is made using premium adhesiveness, providing a superior hold that lasts all day, ensuring maximum comfort and discreteness. Skin and fabric friendly: This body tape is designed to be comfortable and not irritate when applied directly. It is invisible and won't leave any lumpy marks or lines on your clothes, making it perfect for all fabric types. Endless uses: From securing necklines, eliminating blouse gaps, dress tape, and bra tape to instantly repairing hems, this tape has unlimited uses, making it a versatile tool for your wardrobe. Easy to use: It is effortless to use this double-sided body tape. Simply cut the required length of tape and stick it to the item, with no need to wait for drying. Moreover, peeling off the tape will not leave any trace or mark. Great for: deep plunge clothing, open-sided dresses, wrap-style tops, gaps between buttons, tube tops and halters cuffs, scarfs, jewelry open hems bra straps, shoulder pads and more, securing clothing to skin. Caution: Do not use if the skin is sunburned, irritated, sensitive or has open cuts. Remove immediately if you experience a burning sensation. Use the product for 4 hours. If you experience any burning, irritation, or discomfort, remove the tape from the skin.
Breathing Improving Patch - LightsBetter Breathing Improving Patch - LightsBetter
Breathing Improving Patch $14.99 $19.99
Safe and effective: our mouth patch allows you to quickly and effectively keep your nose breathing while sleeping, avoid oral and respiratory diseases, and safely keep your mouth closed. Sleep peacefully: the sleep patch allows you to sleep well and wake up refreshed, keeping you and your family away from bad sleeping habits, snoring, dry mouth, and throat. Safe and healthy: the sleeping mouth patch will not cover your mouth, so you will not have claustrophobia when using it, with a unique mouth shape design that wraps around it. Safe for the skin: This sleep patch is safe for the skin. It is made of high-quality cotton material and skin-friendly glue, which is secure, healthy, skin-friendly, and comfortable. Easy to use: sleeping stickers are more suitable for children. They are stretchable and stretchable, which reduces the volume of the product, reduces the content of glue, and is easy to use
Cabinet Magnetic Catch - LightsBetter Cabinet Magnetic Catch - LightsBetter
Cabinet Magnetic Catch $14.99
Powerful Magnetic Force: Our cabinet magnets have a permanent strong magnetic and magnetic force of up to 20 pounds; you Do not need to worry about your door, drawers, or windows closing lax. 12 x Medicine Cabinet Magnets Catch; 48 x Screws; 24 x Double-sided Adhesive. These magnets for cabinet doors are super strong to keep the door closed and released comfortably. Ultra-thin design: The upgraded magnetic door catch is only 0.12 inches thick, and the magnetic force is 20 lbs. It can keep cabinet doors, drawers, lids, sliding wardrobe doors, or shutters closed. Perfect for locker doors in a caravan. Strong Adhesive & Easy to Install: Stronger sticker than 3M makes it easy to install the magnet lock without drilling and screws, saving time and effort and without damaging the cabinet or door, providing matching screws for a particular use. (Please close and open the door after 12 hours to allow the adhesive to adhere well to the surface.) Corrosiveness-Resistance: The magnetic door latch is made of high-quality, crack- and moisture-proof stainless steel. So, magnetic cabinet catches are more durable and durable than magnetic cabinet closures made of other materials. Invisible & Concealed Installation: This magnetic drawer latch is thin enough not to be noticed and will not affect the overall aesthetics of decoration and furniture. These magnet door stoppers are suitable for kitchen cabinets, closets, cupboards, drawers, and sliding doors where the latches or hinges are useless and would not stay shut.
Car Backseat Organizer - LightsBetter Car Backseat Organizer - LightsBetter
Car Backseat Organizer from $19.99
Backseat Car Organizer, Kick Mats, Back Seat Protector with Touch Screen Tablet Holder, Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids, Car Travel Accessories, Kick Mat with 9 Storage Pockets Organize Your Stuff - With our kick mats, your stuff will be not only at hand while travelling, but also you’ll forget about the dirty backs of the front seats - from now they’ll be neat and tidy. Plenty of Pockets - The backseat car organizer comes with nine different-sized storage compartments, including a clear tablet holder, pockets for bottles and large mesh pockets for other essentials. Clear Tablet Holder - Our car back seat organizer with a clear tablet holder will make your kids engaged and happy because we at LightsBetter, use custom-made material to touch the screen easily. Extremely Durable - We used secure, thick and high-quality durable materials to make our back seat organizers for kids. Enjoy their support plastic bar on top, solid straps and reinforced buckles. Easy to Install - The car kick mat with adjustable straps is appropriate for all types of vehicles - just simply install it and store different items inside your car while keeping your space organized.
Cartoon Cable Protector - LightsBetter Cartoon Cable Protector - LightsBetter
Cartoon Cable Protector $14.99
✅ Protective Function: These extraordinary cases can keep your iPhone 18W/20W USB-C charger cable from breaking and rubbing damage, extending its lifespan. ✅ Easy Removal: This protective cover comes with an extra case ejector so that the solid protective case can be easily removed from your charging plug, preventing damage to the charging plug. ✅ Cute Appearance & High-Quality Material: Besides the protective effect, these covers are also adorable in shape. The material is also made of PVC material, which is very comfortable and durable, and will not fade after long-term use. Giving these funny cartoon protective cases to others as gifts is very suitable. ✅ Apply for iPhone Lightning Cables: This data cable is compatible with the iPhone 20w USB-C charger lightning data cable and some relatively small USB charging cable data cables within 0.32inch width. ✅ The Package Include: 1*18W/20W iPhone Adapter Charger Protective Case, 1*Cable Cable Protective Cover, 1*case ejector. ( Adapter and Cable NOT included )
Cat Litter Scoop - LightsBetter Cat Litter Scoop - LightsBetter
Cat Litter Scoop from $14.99 $19.99
EASY TO USE: The scooper makes it fast and easy to clean your litter box with only one hand. When finished, detach the scoop from the waste bin, tie the waste bag shut, and throw it away. SANITARY: All-in-one system keeps the mess contained—no more spilled litter. The bags are right there; you can scoop waste and then turn it upside down; the waste does not fall out. AMAZING QUALITY: Scooper made of ABS+PP resin material, sturdy enough to scoop up even for big chunks. Perfect size holes (6MM), so the clean cat litter can go through. Only suitable for clumping cat litter. PRACTICAL: The body is waterproof, straightforward to clean, corrosion resistant, and Convenient to put in every corner of the home—reasonable hole spacing, suitable for various types of cat litter. Cat lovers highly recommend it for everyday use. VALUE BUNDLE: Come with 30-count refill bags with lightly scented. TIPS: the scooper is suitable for families with one or two cats or kittens. We recommend cleaning the litter box every 1-2 days. For huge clumps, you can use the edge of a spoon to cut the chunks in half before scooping.
Chair Cover - LightsBetter Chair Cover - LightsBetter
Chair Cover from $24.99 $34.99
High Quality of Chair Cover: Polyester Spandex. Soft material, comfortable and wrinkle resistant, no ironing required. Stretchable Material, stretch that recovers quickly, secure fit with sewn-in elastic hem. Machine washable, easy to clean and wash. Recommended Chair Size: Back Height 17.7-25.9inch(45-60cm);Seat Length 14-20inch(36-50cm);Seat Width 14-20inch(40-50cm).Please check the measurement guide in the item picture before ordering. PROTECTION: Our dining room chair Slipcovers could help protect your furniture from daily tears, spills, stains, etc. Make your chair look brand new. It is an excellent choice for homes with children and pets. It is easy to install and take off, machine washable, best partner for household life. Widely Usage: Fuloon dining chair cover fits most parsons chairs. It is excellent for kitchen, bedroom, living room decoration, office or hotel, wedding banquet, celebration, ceremony, etc. Satisfactory Service: We are committed to ensuring you are 100% satisfied. If you have any problem during the use, not happy with our products or services, please contact us by email the first time; we will try our best to offer you satisfactory and friendly service.
Clothes Stain Remover - LightsBetter Clothes Stain Remover - LightsBetter
Clothes Stain Remover from $14.99 $24.99
SAFE AND FAST: Professional commercial-grade formula is safe. Its lightning-fast action removes stains from clothing, bibs, carpets, car and furniture upholstery. QUICK STAIN REMOVAL: Fix any stain problem in a short time! Stir and blot dry - it's that easy! Remove the stain thoroughly with a clothing stain remover. The stain disappeared instantly without a trace. REMOVES STUBBORN STAINS: Removes old and new protein and tannin stains like coffee, tea, ink, juice, wine and more with just a few drops. SAFE FOR CLOTHES: They are safe and mild for your skin, which does not harm most types of clothes and fabrics, suitable for cleaning various stains and spots. EASY TO USE: Spot remover for clothes keeps cleaning simple: apply natural stain remover to the affected area, agitate, and blot up - it's as simple as that! Stains are completely gone with clothes stain remover.
Collagen Film Facial Mask - LightsBetter Collagen Film Facial Mask - LightsBetter
Collagen Film Facial Mask $34.99 $69.99
🌸 REPLENISH YOUR SKIN: This Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet is packed with Hydrolyzed Collagen. We break down the collagen into more dissolvable amino acids to absorb easily by the skin. Collagen is best known for increasing elasticity while effectively minimizing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Buy these Korean facial masks for confident women and elevate your skin's tone with a replenishing boost of peptides. 🌸 FOR DRY, DEHYDRATED, SENSITIVE SKIN: You will find 20 different types of mask sheets in this pack that will help you improve the condition of your skin and make it more supple, moisturized, brightened, elastic, and healthier. Use these Korean face masks regularly. You will be able to remove any pigmentation, circles, and puffiness you experience on your face 🌸 SKIN-SOFTENING & RADIANCE-BOOSTER ORGANIC TREATMENT: The combination of vitamin E and collagen keeps your skin vibrant and healthy. Perfect for use when caring for your skin, Infused with green tea and cucumber, royal jelly, collagen, vitamins, pomegranate, pearl, ginseng, and other natural ingredients which are gentle on sensitive skin 🌸 REVIVING SKIN THERAPY: These face masks for women provide deep hydration while improving the overall tone and firmness of your skin, apply this face mask on a clean face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes when peeling off, no additional cleansing is necessary. 🌸 SKINCARE GIFT SET: There is no better gift choice for a friend or loved one with sensitive skin or skin concerns than this super-collection of Korean skincare sheet mask recipes. Don't forget to include this on your list of gift ideas for women, men, teens, girls, boys, or any holiday celebrations 🌸 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Cruelty-free, Hypoallergenic, And Noncomedogenic with herbal & safe ingredients, this luxurious infused Korean sheet mask will deeply soothe & maintain hydration for an extended period with its nourishing and reviving serum. However, if you face any issues, do not hesitate to contact us, as we are glad to provide you with a satisfactory solution
A Spa-Quality Wrinkle-Free Facial Treatment at Home The Collagen Threads technique is an expensive beauty salon facial procedure. Treat yourself to this treatment directly at home: mask the effects of time, fill in your wrinkles and give your skin a smooth and plump appearance.   💛 Visible Results from the very first use🔆 Long-lasting effects✨ Quick & easy    Professionals recommend us "Excellent product. I am a skincare expert and esthetician, placing hundreds of threads for my patients. The Dulce Collagen Threads are of excellent quality and have good resistance over time! I recommend this brand. For your information, we charge the equivalent of 800€ per session for a full facial placement." Sophie L. - Esthetician and Skincare Expert   How do collagen threads work? The protein thread is composed of absorbable proteins and collagen. Applying our thread in the hollow of the wrinkles and spraying the serum (provided in the kit) allows the skin to absorb the collagen in the thread in a few seconds.Applying the collagen threads and the serum can take between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the number of areas to be treated. PACKAGE INCLUDES 2Pcs Collagen Threads & 5Pcs Golden Leaf Serum
Deep Cat Comb - LightsBetter Deep Cat Comb - LightsBetter
Deep Cat Comb $19.99 $24.99
Easy to Clean: This single-row pet grooming comb is easy to clean with one finger; the whole piece of hair is easy to remove; the specific dimensions are 20 x 3.5 cm / 7.9 x 1.4 inches. Easy to Use: This cat grooming comb requires only gentle combing. It combs away the floating pet hair without pulling it, which is convenient and quick. Rounded Tooth Tips: The tooth tips of the comb are rounded, without pulling hair, and will not scratch your pet's skin; it can comb the sensitive areas to create natural hair. High-Quality Material: This pet comb is made of a high-quality walnut wood handle and stainless steel needle, with high hardness and durability and not easy to damage. Comfortable Handle: The wooden handle is comfortable to hold, carefully polished to bring a comfortable feel, has a simple and convenient design, and is clean and neat.
Dental Flosser Toothpicks - LightsBetter Dental Flosser Toothpicks - LightsBetter
Dental Flosser Toothpicks from $19.99
Innovative Design: Automatic Dental Floss Sticks meticulous workmanship, simple operation. Pull out the protective plug, press the button lightly, and the floss pick will automatically pop out. Easy to Use: The floss stick case has a button on both two sides, which is convenient for different sides to get floss. Open the bottom cover to replenish the dental flosses and use the storage box circularly. 2-in-1 Functions: The floss is thin enough to get between tight teeth and strong enough to remove food particles and plaque from your teeth and gums without harming gums or braces, preventing tooth decay and gum disease. The tail can be used as a toothpick; when there is foreign matter between teeth, choose it for deep cleaning. Professional Clean Flosser: Dental floss is a smooth round line; the tail can be used as a toothpick, and the handle is designed to be non-slip. It can effectively pick out residue, remove plaque the toothbrush cannot reach and Does not hurt gums. Large Capacity & Portable: You will get 88pcs dental floss in an automatic floss holder (3.9*3.4*1.4 Inches / 10*8.6*3.6cm) for more health, hygiene and safety. Easy to carry and can be placed in a briefcase, car, pocket or bag. It is a good choice for cleaning teeth at home, school, office, hotel, restaurant, and travel.