Breathing Improving Patch

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  • Safe and effective: our mouth patch allows you to quickly and effectively keep your nose breathing while sleeping, avoid oral and respiratory diseases, and safely keep your mouth closed.
  • Sleep peacefully: the sleep patch allows you to sleep well and wake up refreshed, keeping you and your family away from bad sleeping habits, snoring, dry mouth, and throat.
  • Safe and healthy: the sleeping mouth patch will not cover your mouth, so you will not have claustrophobia when using it, with a unique mouth shape design that wraps around it.
  • Safe for the skin: this sleep patch is safe for the skin, made of high-quality cotton material and skin-friendly glue, safe and healthy, skin-friendly and comfortable.
  • Easy to use: sleeping stickers are more suitable for children. They are stretchable and stretchable, which reduces the volume of the product, reduces the content of glue, and is easy to use

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