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Veggie Sharpener/Peeler $11.99
MAKE YOUR VEGGIES BEAUTIFUL! This peeler is a straightforward gadget that will save the day in your kitchen. Essentially a carrot peeler (or a potato peeler; in fact, you can use it on lots of vegetables, like zucchinis, eggplants, and beets), it also has a sharpener-like blade, making it a vegetable ribbon peeler: turn the veggies into fantastical curls that you can then add to soups or salads or decorate dishes with. It’s a simple way to surprise your dinner guests! CHOOSE THE BEST VEGETABLE PEELER: This multifunctional vegetable peeler/curler/ribbon maker (with a straight peeler blade) can be used not only to peel your vegetables but also to cut them into paper-thin slices that you can then cook or use to throw together a healthy raw veggie salad within just a few minutes. Use the peeler as a cutting tool occasionally, and see how these carrot peelers expand the horizons of preparing and serving your vegetables. RELIABLE MATERIALS: This is a durable metal vegetable peeler in a plastic frame, and it’s not just, say, a cucumber peeler. Still, it’s also fit for tougher veggies: it will easily handle the potato peeler’s job and even work as a ginger peeler. It will cope with soft and watery vegetables and hard ones like radishes or purple sweet potatoes. The peeler’s materials are also food grade, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe: healthy and convenient! FOCUS ON FUN & FUNCTIONALITY: We at Monkey Business like to design unique kitchen gadgets that will liven up your kitchen, diversify your culinary repertoire, and make cooking more fun. We develop cute kitchen stuff and funny kitchen gadgets (because it’s amazing how those simple things can make their owners and their owners’ dinner guests smile). Still, we never compromise functionality: our practical and cool gadgets can become your handy assistants. MAKES A PERFECT GIFT: A cute and original kitchen peeler makes a humble yet charming gift for anyone who likes to cook and doesn’t mind experimenting with their kitchen paraphernalia. Developed by local designers, Monkey Business cool cooking gadgets have won international industrial design awards for delivering clever and imaginative solutions. These vegetable peelers/curlers/rose makers will surely be appreciated by foodies among your friends.