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Fluffy Puzzle Floor Mat from $18.98
🤗 DESIGNED FOR KIDS & BABIES: Our play mat is an excellent solution for creating an optimal, safe learning and playing space for your little angel. Soft, colourful, and super easy to assemble, these play mat tiles for kids are an excellent solution for the nursery or playroom. 😴 SUPER SOFT: This baby floor mat is made entirely of EVA foam, a soft material that feels great to the touch and protects your child’s every step. Because we put your kid’s safety first, we have ensured that our interlocking floor mats are free of lead, BPA, phthalates, or other harmful elements. 🧐 EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Our 12 x 12-inch foam floor jigsaws match perfectly, so you can combine them to create a customized area with a unique look. You can choose between the 18 (2 for free) piece set with 27 borders or the 36-piece set with 54 borders. These puzzle floor mats cover a maximum of 16 sq ft and 36 sq ft, respectively. 😊 CLEAN & SAFE ENVIRONMENT: The EVA foam interlocking tiles have a 0.4-inch thickness that keeps kids safe and comfy, preventing accidents by isolating them from hard floors. This gym mat surface is waterproof, durable, and super easy to clean, so you can always ensure that your kids are playing in a proper environment. 😏 CHIC & STYLISH: You no longer have to choose between a stylish home and your kid’s happiness. The MioTetto foam playmat pieces come in chic, elegant colours. You can arrange the tiles to create unique patterns that will look great in any corner of your home.