Telescopic Window Cleaning Brush / New Arrival

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  • Do cleaning fast and easy windows: You can now clean the outer side of the piece of the interior part safely and efficiently with this extensible scraper set all-in-one. Versatile design that works perfectly for windows, doors, car windows and any other object with a smooth surface. The professional result every time!
  • Maximum performance with a minimum of effort: The telescopic extension can extend up to 136 cm long, and the unique U-shaped handle will help you easily handle the surfaces that are difficult to reach. Solid, light and very easy to use.
  • Experience without trace cleaning: The 10.2 "wide scraper blade covers a large area, and the microfiber scouring pad absorbs the water instantly. Clean and dry with a single wipe! No drops and no stripes. Complete your cleaning job quickly, and do not worry about streaks again!
  • Practical design with easy use: The flexible raclette head lets you quickly handle the corners and edges of the window, and the 180-degree rotary sapper automatically adapts to any angle. The super absorbent microfiber cushion can easily attract dust and dirt without chemicals and is easy to wash and replace.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: made from high-quality, durable, comfortable and robust materials.

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