Centella Asiatica Face Mask/Just Arrived

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  • [Bubble Mask]: Unlike ordinary sheet masks and clay masks, this bubble mask has a creamy texture. After evenly applied on the face, it will automatically produce rich and dense foam.
  • [10 seconds to foam]: Centella Asiatica Bubble Mask will quickly and automatically foam within 10 seconds after uniform application, with a strong deep cleansing ability, reducing blackheads and purifying pores.
  • [Natural Plant Extracts]: This bubble mask is enriched with various natural beneficial plant extracts. The core ingredient, Centella Asiatica Extract, repairs the skin barrier, shrinks pores and keeps skin elastic and firm, making you look younger and more energized.
  • [Moisturizing and refreshing]: ultra-small molecules can quickly penetrate to the bottom layer of the skin, deeply hydrate and moisturize, calm reddened skin, and gently care for the skin.
  • [Individual packaging and easy to use]: a box of 12 pieces of individual packaging, clean and convenient. The mud mask is delicate and moist, easy to apply, and each time you open the bag, it can be used and easy to carry on the go.

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