Portable Electric Bidet

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  • New Upgrade: The New Automatic Decompression Film solves the instability of the water, the new upgrade alloy filter can prevent outlet blockage effectively, and IPX6 waterproof level can let you wash under the water directly; all is only for better quality assurance.
  • Extreme Experience: Our portable travel bidet can make you feel comfortable and clean whenever you use it, which gives you a spotless out-of-the-shower feeling. Best gift as a portable bidet on overseas travelling, business trips, outdoor activities, wound cleaning or baby/ pregnant care.
  • Ergonomic Design: The fuselage consists of high-quality silicone + ABS material, non-toxic and harmless, prism-shaped anti-skid design makes you feel more comfortable when handling it; you will fall in love with the 180-degree adjustment nozzle, which can rush all the corners quickly.
  • Easy To Use and Carry: Remove the cover and, fill it with water, press the H / L key to start working according to your needs; the 48×160mm Size makes it easily fits into any backpack, briefcase, purse, tote bag or glove box when not in use.
  • Super Long Use Time: There is a built-in rechargeable 1000mA battery, which can last for nearly a month when fully charged
  • USB Charge: With a USB charging line, it is suitable for all kinds of mobile power adapters or directly connected to the computer USB interface, which is convenient to charge
  • 2 Flow Levels: 2 water flow levels, you can adjust water between gentle flow and powerful spray to meet your different requirements, which provides reliable performance
  • Water Saving: Pressing the button gently to achieve the cleaning effect can control the water flow and water power according to the actual need, which is efficient for water saving
  • Convenient Use: The semicircle water outlet can achieve more accurate and thoroughly cleaning while not damaging the skin, effectively preventing disease and infection of private parts. Small size and lightweight, easy to carry or put in your bag, providing personal hygiene care anytime and anywhere.

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