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  • Hair Building Fiber Kit includes our patented Spray Applicator & Hairline Optimizer, plus a travel-size bottle of Toppik FibreHold Spray to strengthen further the bond between Hair Building Fibres and your existing hair.
  • Super easy to apply and looks 100% natural. You can even comb your hair. These fibres are superior to other brands because they are made from the highest quality materials, are very safe for your scalp and instantly provide maximum coverage to the thinning area with minimum effort.
  • It does not clog scalp pores! Best applied on clean and dry hair. Latest Technology in natural hair fibre processing to create ACTUAL VOLUME that is 100% UNDETECTABLE and looks natural. It can be applied after other hair-loss treatments as long as the hair is dry before using the keratin fibres.
  • Go to the gym, drive with the top down: Hair Building Fiber in a Jar is resistant to wind & perspiration and even blow drying.
  • No side effects! Safe for all skin types and will not cause any skin irritation or allergic reaction. Suitable for all hair types and colours. Includes one large container (25 GR / 0.88 OZ) that should last as long as 60 and even 75 days, depending on the size and severity of the thinning area
  • Fibres are best sealed into the hair with any hair spray. Hair Spray is not included. Fibres do not stain clothes or skin, even when wet. Applicable for many types of hair loss such as Thinning, Bald Spots, Covering white, gray or coloured roots, Hair Extension Enhancement and more
  • Natural Looking: It helps you seamlessly apply your Hair Building Fibres for natural-looking, fuller, thicker hair.
  • Best Application: Use Spray Applicator and Hairline Optimizer to apply fibres, then finish your look with FibreHold Spray.
  • Why choose Hair Building Fiber Results:
    • Instant, professional results with every application
    • Undetectable and looks 100% natural
    • No side effects! Hypoallergenic and Tested by Dermatologists
    • It does not stain clothes or skin, even when wet
    • Easy to apply and carry around
    • It doesn’t have an expiration date
    • The secure package will not accidentally open in your briefcase or purse.
    • Suitable for all types and colours of hair
    • Applicable for many types of hair loss: Thinning, Bald Spot, Cover white, gray or coloured roots, Temporary hair loss due to surgery or hair transplant and more!
    • Enhance the natural look of hair extensions.

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