Hygienic Toilet Brush

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  • [ 24pcs Disposable heads ]: Equipped with 24 disposable cleaning refills, which can be thrown away without leaving the base dirty, clean and remove dirt with power. The brush head contains a cleaning agent for cleaning the inside of the toilet, melts immediately in the water, and removes dirt to make your toilet bowl feel like new.
  • [Wall-mounted Toilet Cleaner Storage Holder]: You don’t need to worry about storing the dirty toilet brush. The toilet cleaning system has a holder that stores your toilets and refills heads for an all-in-one bathroom household cleaner. Using a creative, open cover design, the baffle will automatically open or close when removing or putting the toilet scrubber.
  • [Ergonomically Long Handle]: This toilet bowl brush and holder adopts an ergonomically curved long handle, which fits the palm and has a comfortable touch. The toilet cleaner system is designed for use in any toilet type, including Squat toilet models.
  • [Multifunctional Toilet Scrubber Cleaner]: The hexagon-shaped sponge head is clean in hard-to-reach places under the bowl rim and drains for a more profound and faster clean to remove easily remove the stubborn stains without damaging the toilet bowl surface. It also can be used to clean the bar sink, floor drain corner, toilet seat, mirrors, etc.
  • [Easy to Install and Use]: Push the button, attach one refill, and pull forward to drop the refill after use without touching your hand. No tools, no holes. The toilet bowl cleaner brush and holder can be easily installed without hurting the wall. Please clean the wall before installation, press the adhesive strip firmly, and allow the adhesive strip to stick to the wall entirely.
  • [Sponges with Cleaning Fluid]: the sponge refills come with cleaning fluids, which quickly dissolve in water, release the decontamination factor, and disintegrate the dirt of the toilet bowl, giving it a new look.
  • [Decontamination & Deodorization]: equipped with replacement brush head. Refills can be thrown away without leaving the base dirty. They help you clean efficiently while providing fresh and elegant ocean fragrances.
  • [Clean up the Rim]: bow-shaped extension handle and the refills are composed of soft sponges and scraping cloths, which can reach deep into the rim of the toilet bowl without hurting the surface.
  • [Widely Use]: this cleaner system can be widely used in bathroom cleaning, such as mirrors, toilets, washbasins, glass, etc. it can also clean the floor drain without the trouble of hair winding around the brush head.

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