Magnetic Window Wiper

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Upgraded! Self-contained detergent liquid storage

Important - Choose the appropriate Glider model according to your window's glass thickness.

  • Self-contained detergent liquid storage: no need to spray water or detergent liquid on the glass surface before cleaning and wiping. You clean the glass of your windows directly without any hassles.
  • ✔ Five-gear Adjustable Magnetic Force: Due to the strong magnetic force of this product, it is not suitable for glass with thicknesses of less than 3mm. If the thickness of the glass in your home is too thin, it is not recommended to buy it. Suitable for glass with a thickness of 3mm-30mm. This product is unsuitable for glass with a more than 30mm thickness. Please purchase with caution
  • Double-sided Magnetic Window Cleaner: A triangular-shaped magnetic glass wiper with a powerful internal magnet locking the two cleaning sides together provides comprehensive window cleaning inside and outside. When you move one side, the other one follows. Wipe the glass inside and clean two sides of the window; incredibly convenient for high-rise window cleaning.
  • Premium Quality: This magnetic window cleaner wiper is made of high-quality ABS material and natural latex magnet, providing strong magnetic force, with a built-in water storage sponge to clean the glass. The magnet is not easy to demagnetize, and the inside cleaning cotton is a replaceable, durable window cleaning tool.
  • Anti-falling Rope: Window Cleaner comes with a 2m long safe anti-falling rope; when you use this magnetic glass cleaner, the string will be tied to your hand, never falling, providing a stable and secure cleaning experience.
  • Easy to Use: English version of the instruction manual is available, which can be easily used according to the steps shown in the figure

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