Platinum Mirror Film

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  • Our Platinum film is a premium plain frosted film that gives your home more privacy and reduces heat and unhealthy UV light coming in. What makes our tints so unique & different is they provide complete privacy for day and night.
  • SIMPLE & EASY INSTALLATION: Adopting a static adhesive-free design to reduce the chemical release of adhesive, the adhesive-free method is more convenient for installation. Even if the sealant is wrong, it can be torn off, reapplied without leaving any marks, and reused (please thoroughly clean the glass before use and spray a large amount of soap and water).
  • Unidirectional reflective mirror window film provides good privacy for your place. It can block 85% of infrared and 99% of ultraviolet rays, preventing you from being harmed by sunlight, preventing furniture from fading and bursting under prolonged sunlight exposure, and making your indoor environment more comfortable and healthy.

    • Our tints are Bird-safe. 
    • Our tints are renters friendly.
    • Our tints are suitable for Plant growth.
    • Long-lasting & easy to take down.

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