Silicone Eyeliner Stencils

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  • √"Multifunctional Eye Makeup Tool": Our eyeliner tool helps you get easy eye makeup. The multi-angle design can also be used as an eyelash drawing tool, eyeshadow tool, eyebrow pencil stencil, or lip ruler, making your lipstick no longer overflowing. Also, we use the handle segment we designed as a mask/cream scoop.
  • √"Quick and Easy Application": Use the flawless eyeliner tool to save makeup time. The ergonomic handle and stable finger rest act as an assistant so that you can apply eyeliner more precisely in a few seconds. It is very suitable for novices or masters of makeup to add charming makeup to the eyes.
  • √"Silicone Application Tool": We use high-quality silicone, unlike previous materials. Soft and elastic, it can help you apply makeup quickly, spread it evenly, fit the skin, and create delicate three-dimensional makeup.
  • √"Small and Portable": Our designers have worked out the most ergonomic size. Not only can it perfectly fit the position of the eyes and lips, but the eyeliner tool is small and exquisite, and the center is hollowed out, which is convenient for storage and carrying.
  • √"Easy to Use": This makeup tool is easy to operate, just follow the prompts to fit the position you need to draw to the position of the tool, and you can draw the effect you want. Great for beginners. The silicone material is easy to clean, so there is no need to worry about getting it dirty. Create the look you want.

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