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7.5 mm Perfect Cable Slot Diameter: A diameter of 0.3 inches (7.5mm) can hold most cables, such as phone charging cables, USB cords, HDMI thick cables, computer power cords, etc. Besides that, the slot diameter of 7.5mm can perfectly hold a charging head as small as the iPhone's original silicone charging cable without falling off, and the head cable can be pulled out smoothly for use. Magnetic Clamp Design: The unique magnetic opening and closing cable clip design allows you to place and remove cables with only one hand. Unlike other cord holders on the market, the cable organizer uses a sophisticated 60° rotating shaft and magnetic locking cord design, helping you easily snatch a cord off or add a cord. Enhanced No-Residue Acrylic Adhesive: The Upgraded Acrylic Adhesive sticky pad allows the cable organizer to stick firmly to almost any flat& clean surface, such as wooden tables, glass, ceramic tiles, etc. Meanwhile, the transparent removable acrylic adhesive pad will not damage your desktop or wall, with no residue left after removal. A replacement stick pad is also included in the box, making it possible to reuse the cord holder. Makes Your Cables Organized: Our cable organizers can hold cables in place firmly and keep them off the floor. More importantly, the 6-pack set allows you to keep cords toward neat traces as you wish, such as setting them on the office desktop, tableside, table corner, wall, or car dashboard. Thoughtful Details: The ultimate width of a 0.87-inch cord holder allows it to be firmly fixed in most narrow spaces. Joyroom cable organizer does not take up too much sticking area and can be perfectly hidden in any small corner you care about. [Kindly Installation Tips: Please clean the desired surface without dust before sticking, and keep pressing for 30 seconds to enhance the adhesion of the sticky pad. I highly recommend waiting for 12-24 hours for better use]. Our Business Care Never Stop: Contact the Joyroom support team. We 100% promise to address your issue within 24 Hours.