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Colander Spoon $14.99
Multipurpose spoon design: This stainless steel spoon can not only be used as a traditional spoon but also can separate fat and soup residue very well. During use, the soup juice flows out from the small hole to separate the fat from the soup. Drink clear soup and eat healthier. 304 Food grade stainless steel: Soup ladle using high-quality 304 food grade stainless steel material, ingeniously built, skilled in craftsmanship, one-piece moulding, durable, not rusty, ergonomic handle suitable for holding. Separation principle: The oil and water are incompatible, and the physical property of the oil density is lower than the water density. The fat floats above the soup, and the outlet of the small hole is below the spoon. When pouring, the clear soup flows out from the lower hole first. To achieve the effect of oil-water separation. Easy to clean: The surface gloss process, the gloss texture is excellent, and it is effortless to clean, and the dishwasher is safe. Suitable for families, restaurants, picnics, etc. Very long service life: This stainless steel soup spoon is integrally formed and has a very long service life. It is a good tool for catering. If you are unsatisfied with our products, we provide perfect after-sales service until you are satisfied.