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Egg Shaker - LightsBetter Egg Shaker - LightsBetter
Egg Shaker $24.99 $29.99
High-quality Material: made of thick PC material, this egg mixer features high hardness, built-in soft food-grade silicone pad, and it can provide 360° stable protection for eggs, it is safe and effective, and it will not damage the eggs. Clean and Hygienic: a perfect solution to get egg yolk and white without breaking the shell while ensuring that egg yolk and white are not in contact with the air so that the golden egg can be cleaner. Simple Operation: no need to plug in; simply pull the rope to spin the egg inside. It only takes 10 seconds to mix the egg yolk and white. You must pull the rope quickly so that the rope can be retracted fast! Handy Egg Shaker Whisk: measures about 76*76*170mm/2.99*2.99*6.69inch. Suitable for eggs of various shapes and sizes. Golden Egg Making Tool: our egg mixer helps you perfectly mix the egg yolk and white. So you can get your own golden egg after boiling the egg.
Magic Shredder - LightsBetter Magic Shredder - LightsBetter
Magic Shredder $29.99
A Must Have! For every Kitchen & Home For Meat, Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Fish Easy, Fast, Clean & Durable Quickly and Easily chop cooked meat, chicken, beef, pork and fish in a few seconds. It only needs a few rotations to be strong and durable but light in weight; Easy-to-grip handles and a non-slip base can add extra stability during use. Quickly prepare restaurant favourites at home, such as tacos, enchiladas, grilled pork, buffalo chicken, tuna, etc. Put the cooked meat inside, cover the lid, and rotate it a few times halfway. It's easy for you. Rugged, lightweight and easy to use. The dishwasher is safe and easy to clean.