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Crocodile Lighter - LightsBetter Crocodile Lighter - LightsBetter
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Double Fire Lighter Windproof  Innovative Style, Flame Size Adjustable Multi-Purpose 【Two Magic Flame Modes】after you press the button to turn on the fire and release the finger from it, the flame will jump to the Dragon coddle mouth until you close the lighter. Wind-proof and waterproof direct jet blue fire and open flame total two flame Modes. 【Refillable Butane Lighter】The can refill with normal butane gas. You need to get some gas in the bottle for the lighter, put it into the little hole from behind the lighter, push it a bit, leave it for a few seconds, and wait a minute for the gas to get warm and the lighter. Made of high-quality zinc alloy. Easy to bring in your pocket or bag. 【Exquisite Dragon Design】Ergonomic design comforts your hand and protects your fingers from burning. Soft flame straight flame, double fire design, one lighter, enjoy two ways of lighting, The shell is comfortable to the touch. Perfect gift for your father or boyfriend. 【Windproof Jet Flame】It can quickly generate high-pressure jet flame with a temperature of 2860°F. You can easily control the flame via the switch; it is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. Durable & sturdy, which can meet your use in various scenarios. 【What You Get】A Dragon Shape Jet Flame Lighter. (Note: Lighter is shipped Without gas due to Air Mail regulation; You need to fill the gas by yourself)