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Multi-Purpose Sink Rack $24.99 $34.99
A Must Have! for a Clean, Hygienic, Smart Kitchen Telescopic Sink Storage Rack Maximum stretch to 15.7in, Adjustable Telescopic 2-in-1 Sink, Expandable Storage Drain Basket for Kitchen sink, telescopic Sponge Soap Holder, Towel Rack under sink organizers Length Retractable/Retractable Design: The retractable shelf has a simple and easy-to-use retractable design, making it suitable for sinks of various sizes. It is recommended for sinks with a length of 9.4~15.7 Inches/ 23.5~40cm. EASY TO INSTALL: The design, without drilling and punching, is easy to install, disassemble and clean, and will not damage your sink. The buckle installation is more stable and will not shake. With Towel Bar: Doubles as a towel bar! In addition to the basket of drain rack for putting soap liquid, there is also a towel bar on the sink rack, which can be used to dry the towels and other fabrics. Keeping your damp cloth dry, ventilated, clean, and hygienic will not produce a peculiar smell. Ideal tool for the kitchen: The telescopic rack does not take up much space, but it has a towel rack on it beside the drain rack basket for sponges, cleaning brushes, etc., which can be used to dry fabrics such as towels, making it less prone to production peculiar smell. Kindly remind: Please measure the sink size before placing an order to prevent the scope from being inappropriate. If you have relevant questions, don't hesitate to contact us freely.