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Hot summer days leave you sweaty and uncomfortable? Temperatures can soar,  keeping you hot and bothered. Now, you can cool down your entire body whenever you need it. Introducing our Portable Neck Fan! Premium Neck Fan: The neck part of the lazy wearable fan is made of high-quality soft silicone material, which is soft to fit the skin, effectively non-slip, and can be freely adjusted in width to provide excellent comfort. Super air supply, fast cooling in 3 seconds and quickly relieves hot flashes and sweating. Summer Essential Personal Fan: Upgraded neckband small fan with 62 air outlets and with turbocharged motor gives you 360 degrees of quiet and powerful airflow. Efficiently distributes air and feels the cool breeze more gently. Perfect summer companion you can use during exercise, cooking, household chores, sports, travel, or whenever you need it. 3000 Mah Large Capacity Battery & USB Rechargeable: The wearable fan has a built-in 3000 mAh battery, USB rechargeable; it takes about 3 hours for a full charge and can work for 3-9 hours (depending on the wind speed) to keep you cool in the hot summer day. Adjust the appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button repeatedly. Bladeless & Hands-Free Design: With the neck fan with a bladeless design, you don't have to worry about your hair getting caught on the fan blades, and it is safe for children and the elderly to use. The hanging neck design of the portable fan allows you to free your hands anywhere. The fan weighs about 9.1 oz, with no burden on the neck, so hanging the fan for extended periods won't feel uncomfortable. Adjustable 3 Wind Speeds: The wearable neckband fan offers three different wind speeds, low, medium and high-speed modes, which the power button can easily switch. The low-speed wind is suitable for early summer and air-conditioned indoors, the mid-range wind is ideal for outdoors without air-conditioning, and the high-end wind is right for hot summer.