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Super Absorbent Floor Mat from $24.99
Water Absorption & Quick-drying: Due to countless tiny pores on the surface of the bath mat, it can instantly absorb moisture and odour within a minute to make it dry again like magic. Non-slip Backing: The absorbent bathroom mat is made of technical velvet + PVC, which is comfortable and soft. A dense anti-skidding texture can efficiently protect your family's safety so that the elderly and the kids can use this mat with peace of mind. Soft & Comfy: Its texture and touch are extraordinarily soft and comfortable; Whenever you step on it, it feels like you're standing on a marshmallow, and you will not feel freezing in the cold winter or sticky in the hot summer. Easy to Clean: Unlike traditional bathroom mats, our floor mats are resistant to oil and dirt, durable, and have NO SHEDDING. Clean it with a brush or sponge, and it does not fade. Just clean it with a brush or sponge. Multi-purpose: Unique design and neutral colours add fashion to any area of the home. It can easily match the decor of your bathroom. It can be used as a floor mat for bathrooms, laundry rooms, living rooms, entrances and kitchens.