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Glow Flash Panel - LightsBetter Glow Flash Panel - LightsBetter
Glow Flash Panel from $40.00
Bring Fun to Your Car!  Automobile LED Equalizer Car Interior, Atmosphere Music Rhythm EL Sheet Sticker Glow Flash Panel Flashing Light This sound-activated colourful LED light car sticker will bring you a fashionable and gorgeous lighting show and create a unique and cool ambience. Sound-activated colourful LED lights car sticker. The bright LED lights will flash as the music rhythm gives you a romantic and fashionable ambience. Designed to decorate your car, bring you a cool and gorgeous lighting show. The sound sensitivity is adjustable by a knob as you need. Easy to use, plug into 12V DC power, and it will produce a beautiful effect. Light colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Rose It's a thin sheet with adhesive tape that can be stuck on the rear windshield or side window—equipped with a car charger that can be directly inserted into the car to make a lamp light.