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5 Meter Weather Stripping for Doors: The door Seal Strip length of the roll reduces the waste of materials in use and seals more doors and Windows. The sealing strip is excellent flexibility and high resilience and is super Durable. Non-toxic and environmental, it is ideal for family use. The sealing strip uses super glue for long-lasting adhesion. Wide Application: Weather stripping door seal strip for frameless sliding doors, glass doors,plastic-steel windows and aluminum windows, closet doors, threshold, cupboards, wardrobes, shower bottom, bedroom & bathroom. Installation is Quick and Easy: Before using the door weather stripping bottom, ensure the pasted surface is smooth, clean and dry. The Silicone Sealing Tape is easy to tear off without the adhesive damaging the surface! No Bug & Dust, Weatherproof & Soundproof: The door seal strip can be used on the bottom of doors & windows, keeping bugs out; anti-dust, weatherproof and soundproof, which gives you a clean, relaxing, quiet and comfortable environment. Energy Efficient & Noise Reduction: Weather stripping door seal strips stop the heat and cold from escaping during summer and winter, making heating and cooling your home or office more efficient. The door gap seal strips also help keep your house away from noise, wind, dust, insects, etc.