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How to use: fly traps use honey, sugar bacon or carrion, and soft food scraps from the kitchen as bait and put them on the lure tray to quickly attract flies. This product does not contain bait. Capture Principle: put the flycatcher where the fruit flies are infested. When the flies are feasting, the rotating arm sweeps over them to trap them inside. They fly into the collection tray, dying after a few days. Unplug the bottom to empty the tray. A place to use: ideal for kitchens, farms, kennels, and besides the trash can. Since it is not waterproof, please put it indoors and make sure there is a power outlet. USB interface to connect the power. Safe Use: fly traps indoors are environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient, and do not use chemicals or toxic spray to catch flies. Use physical methods to catch flies. It was relieving households from the hassle of insecticide sprays. Note: if the fly is not interested in the bait, add some vinegar or sugar or a fishy smell to attract the flies. Do not use hard food as bait to avoid damaging the product.