180 Degree Cable

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  • The connector is made of zinc alloy, making the cable connector hard to break, and it can be bent several times without breaking. The cable body is made of liquid silica gel, making the cable softer and feels like skin.
  • The cable plug adopts two designs: a general straight port and a rotatable port, which are more convenient to meet different use scenarios. The rotatable interface design will be convenient for users who play games. The charging cable will not interfere with using mobile phones to play games when they charge.
  • The zinc alloy connector is equipped with a charging indicator light, which can not only conveniently prompt whether to connect the power supply but also make it easier for users to find their devices in a dark environment.
  • The wire core uses 120 pure copper wires, which reduces the resistance to the minimum so that the current can pass through the maximum, effectively improving the charging speed.
  • The built-in innovative chipset will automatically identify. When the device's power reaches a certain level, it will reduce the current to protect the battery and prevent it from being damaged by overcharging.

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