Air Cushion Cosmetic Puff

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  • Thick & Soft: This Makeup Sponge adopts micro-pore foaming technology; the surface is delicate and soft, not easy to absorb powder, and double release, making the base makeup more docile.
  • Makeup without Dead Ends: This make-up puff has a drop-shaped design with a pointed top, which is used to apply makeup on details such as the eye area and nose and firm the dead corners of the face. The curved surface of the tail is used to quickly apply makeup on a large area of the face to create a natural makeup look.
  • High-Quality Material: This powder puff made of a high-elastic sponge can be rubbed freely without deformation and used for a long time. It also supports wet and dry use to meet various makeup needs.
  • Easy to Clean: This makeup puff can be reused many times, and this setting powder puff is easy to clean. Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover, gently rinse it with clean water, and finally, dry it.
  • Convenient Makeup Application: This makeup powder puff is a 13MM widened ribbon that increases the contact surface between the ribbon and fingers, making makeup more labour-saving, convenient and easy to pull and not break. It is small and light, can be placed anywhere, and is easy to carry when going out.

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