Car Window Sun Visor

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  • Blocks most of the Harmful UV Rays; Sun Glare And Keep Cool In Your Car: Our Car Window Shade blocks the most harmful UV Rays. This can protect your baby, family from irritation and bright sunlight and keep your car cooler.
  • Breathable and Full Privacy Protection: Because of the Stretchy nylon mesh sunshade puts on the door frame, you can still roll down or close the windows according to your needs and enjoy fresh air from outside. The entire cover offers better protection from thieves trying to look inside your vehicle to steal.
  • Easy and Quick Installation: You can install the car window sunshades in seconds and they are also easy to store.
  • Super Stretchy Material: The Stretchy mesh window shade is made of Super Stretchy nylon mesh fabric with super elasticity. It can stretch from 18in( height) * 22in (width) to a maximum of 27in(size) * 41in (width) and Fits almost cars and SUVSs according to your need.

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