Cat Self Grooming Brush / 2 Pcs

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  • Softer Cat Self-Groomer: Our cat self-groomer provides a larger friction area for cats, making them feel more comfortable. As well as helping cats remove loose and falling hairs while brushing, your kitty will like this toy!
  • Durable And Safe: Our cat self-groomer is made of durable plastic bristles, stronger and softer, which can protect cats from scratches. And our corner cat groomer is harmless to cats and humans because of the eco-friendly materials.
  • Easy To Install: This cat self-groomer is suitable for any corner, sofa, table and chair. Our cat self-grooming brush can be easily mounted on the plane or corner with a screw or double-sided glue. With this cat self-groomer brush, cats can brush their hair comfortably. 
  • Easy To CleanThis cat self-grooming wall massage brush helps to remove and collect shedding hair. It's easy to disassemble and clean. Save you a lot of time for cleaning.
  • Best Gift Toy For Pet: This corner cat groomer is the best softer massager toy for your kitten or puppy; they can enjoy themselves even if you don't have time to play with them! And the cat self-groomer can also help you collect your pet's fallen hair.

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