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The most calming and comfortable bed you can buy for your pet!

    Did You Know that 1 in 4 dogs experience anxiety daily? When left untreated, built-up stress can lead to a severe loss of appetite, destructive behavioural problems, and a shorter life span.

    Most of the time, anxiety in pets can be solved with a better night's rest, and that's where our bed comes in. 

    Whether they like to sprawl out or nestle in, our specially designed oversized rim can act as a pillow or give them somewhere to hide and feel more secure than ever before

    Super soft fur and extra padding inside the beds will replicate sleeping on a cloud of sweet dreams.

    Our customers love the improved hygiene and having the ability to prolong the Calming Bed with a removable and machine washable cover.

    • Provides the Best Sleep - Thanks to its round shape, our high-quality, super soft, plushy bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up. The feeling of safety and warmness is guaranteed to ALL pets while providing neck and joint support for muscle relief, resulting in significantly improved sleep!
    • Eases Anxiety - The Raised Rim Creates a Sense of Security and Coziness, Activating The Nervous System in a Positive Way, Which Allows Your Fur Kids to Relax More Easily and Sleep More Soundly.
    • More Happiness For Your Pet - heavenly comfort will provide your pet with better and deeper sleep and relieve stress while improving health and happiness overall!
    • Pet-Safe Materials - Made from non-toxic, durable, high-quality PP cotton that's safe and long-lasting for your beloved pets. And it's environmentally friendly!
    • Versatile design - The whole bed can be easily machine washed (Gentle Cycle) and dried (Tumble Dry on Low). The shell is finished with water and dirt-resistant bottoms that help prevent accidental messes from reaching your floors.

    NOTE: The bed must be thoroughly dried immediately after washing to ensure longevity.

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