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  • 🌺 [Double color eye shadow pen]: The Eyeshadow stick can slide smoothly without eye shadow. It can open the paste of eye shadow. It can be painted with monochrome or mixed with two colours, ideally creating a shiny Eyeshadow.
  • 🌺 [Smoothed Cream Eye Shadow]: Soft texture, bright colour. It can be applied gently without irritating the eyes, with exquisite colour and lasting makeup.
  • 🌺Pocket portability】: The compact packaging like lipstick is very convenient to carry around, not easy to faint, takes long makeup time, and has quick makeup; it will be a lovely cosmetic when you are in a hurry, which can save you eye makeup time.
  • 🌺 [lasting makeup]: Natural make-up, after finishing make-up, can keep make-up for a long time, and it is not easy to take off make-up. Even if sweating, it can also maintain lasting beautiful eye makeup.
  • 🌺How to use】: Use the primary colour to apply along the roots of the eyelashes and apply from the corner of the eye from back to front. ②Apply 2-3 times to the corner of the eye; use your fingers to smudge lightly and naturally and interpret the gradual eye shadow
  • 🌺Eyeshadow effect】: you can choose from 6 colours, a touch of double colour, natural double colour, three-dimensional gradient, and quick eye makeup. It contains iridescent powder to make the skin around the eyes more natural and brighter, with a natural and long-lasting vivid colour. Quickly apply makeup, which is very suitable for beginners.
  • 🌺Applicable occasion】: An excellent gift for ladies and girls, this cream eye shadow will be loved by every woman! This gift suits holidays, Christmas, New Year, anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions.

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