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  • 💖 MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER AND DRYER MACHINE: Using dirty cosmetic brushes for makeup with oil, dead skin cells, old foundation makeup and dust can cause breakouts, clog your pores and lead to acne. Cleaning your cosmetic brushes regularly with the right makeup brush cleaner will help your skin look clear and healthy
  • 💚 BETTER MAKEUP APPLICATION: Dead skin, oil, and old makeup caked onto dirty makeup brushes change how colour looks from eyeshadow, bronzer, foundation, or blush. Feel the fabulous sensation of like-new, lavish bristles for a flawless makeup application
  • 💛 FAST CLEANING & DRYING: With a sonic frequency of more than 100 rotations per second, this automatic makeup brush cleaner machine deeply cleans and dries your makeup brushes set professionally in just 30 seconds without ruining or changing the shape of your makeup brushes. Splash & Hassle FREE
  • 💙 HIGH-QUALITY MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER & DRYER: Cleaner/Dryer parts made of premium materials for long-lasting service, precision, and safety. Our makeup brush electric cleaner cleans your brushes to 99% for better performance applying makeup
  • 💖 CLEANS BRUSHES IN JUST 30 SECONDS: You can get perfectly clean and dry brushes with the automatic brush cleaner in less than a minute. This will make makeup application much faster and more pleasing. Don't be surprised if you have extra time for another coffee before heading to work.
  • 💚 8 COLLARS INCLUDED: accommodating all size brushes since clean and dry automatic brush cleaner includes an ergonomic electric switch for easy, intuitive operation. All parts of the kit are precision crafted for tight, leak-proof fit. The bowl is made of hygienic plastic and will not break if dropped. Easy use automatic makeup brush cleaner and dryer.
  • 💛 EASY TO USE: There are just three steps to use this electric makeup cleaner and dryer easily. 1. Attach the brush to the spinner. 2. Pour water and soap into the bowl. 3.Dip & spin to clean, raise & spin to dry
  • 💙 GUARANTEE for our automatic makeup brush cleaner ensures this will quickly become your favourite no-risk purchase. Many people are stocking up with 2 or 3 of these to keep them in multiple bathrooms and bedrooms and share them with family members. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this value set in plentiful supply. This makes a great birthday present, holiday gift, or anniversary gift. Also excellent for friends, family, and co-workers

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