Electric Water Gun

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  • 2023 New Automatic Electric Water Gun: The automatic electric water gun removes the previous mode. The powerful water gun upgrades the rechargeable battery, and the one-button design reduces the pressure on your finger to pull the trigger. You only need to pull the trigger to shoot, and a strong stream of water will be released.
  • Large Water Tank: These two water clips can meet the needs of you and your partners, family, and friends for the water gun game. In this hot summer, with your friends or children, have a happy water blaster for kids to battle it!
  • Extremely Long Battery Life: Has a USB charging cable and 1x rechargeable batteries(The battery compartment adopts a leak-proof design). Compared with other electric squirt guns, our single battery must be charged for 110 minutes., and can be used continuously for 60 minutes after being fully charged!
  • Fast Precise Shooting: The electric water gun has upgraded fast-firing motor power and has a super long range of 26-32 feet. With the power and precision of a squirt gun, it always leaves enemies nowhere to hide during a beach party or pool party game.
  • Ideal Toys for Children: The water gun is small and large in capacity, making it easy for children to carry. The handle is ergonomically designed with a non-slip design. The water gun is made of ABS plastic, allowing a direct view of the available water. The automatic water spray gun is the perfect summer toy for kids to play at the pool, beach and outside.
  • Pink& Blue Optional: This automatic water gun is available in pink and blue, making distinguishing between different factions during water battles easy.(Water guns have two layers of waterproof layers, which can be exposed to water in a short time. Please do not immerse the electric water gun in water to avoid damage to the electronic components! )

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