Extendable Dusters

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  • 【Save Your Housework Time】:Bought this duster to dust the entire house; dust both the bottom and top shelf of your unit without bending or moving anything, making your housework easier. A flexible and bendable duster head can quickly get into small, hard-to-reach gaps to clean dust, saving your housework time.
  • 【Dusters for Ceilings and Cobweb】:As you have high ceilings, a stairwell ceiling light, a skylight and corners from cobwebs, which are challenging to reach, it will work well. Now no matter cleaning ceilings, ceiling fans, lamps, cobwebs and other high furniture, it's getting so safe and easy.
  • 【Special Microfiber Head】:made of unique microfiber, which is thick and fluffier, can trap dust, hairs, pollen and confetti quickly and won't fly everywhere. The material can wash and is plain for dusting.
  • 【Extendable Duster】: Our duster with a telescopic handle can be extended from 32 to 110 inches long; a pretty tight and sturdy extendable pole works excellently and is strong even at full length. Any corner at your house, just if you want, can be reached; no ladder is needed anymore.
  • 【Bendable Dusters Head】:You can easily bend the duster into different positions when you use it on something different. With a smooth plastic center on the top, it won't scrape on your furniture and poke the ceiling.

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