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A Must Have! BBQ, Camping, Travel, Cigar, Kitchen, Garage Works, Handcrafts

Butane Refillable + 3 Flame Intensity Setting

  • 🔥 REFILLABLE & ADJUSTABLE DOUBLE FLAME: 1.8g gas capacity can be used 500 times. Our butane lighter can spray powerful double flame and features a gas flow regulator dial to adjust flame length and size according to your needs easily. This lighter can create a continuous flame up to 2.3 inches long with a temperature of 2100°F/1150°C.
  • 🔥 UNIQUE DESIGN - FUEL GAUGE VISIBLE WINDOW: Our butane lighter has a fuel gauge window for refill indication. You can check the gas balance and fill it in at any time. Don't worry about gas exhaustion. Turn the lighter upside down and simply fill. Please ensure the butane canister has the LONG UNIVERSAL REFILL TIP.
  • 🔥 HEAVY DUTY ZINC ALLOY & ANTI-LEAKAGE: Unlike many other cheap plastic lighters, our well-constructed lighter is made of heavy-duty zinc alloy. Our lighter has three layers of safety protection, 20 process quality inspections, safer, more durable and long service life;
  • 🔥 UPGRADED 2022 MODEL - PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Perfect for gas stove, candle, kitchen. The slim, rounded, lightweight design feels good and is easy to put in your pocket. The refillable blow torch lighter is a great choice for Christmas Day, Birthday etc.
  • Ultra-powerful blue flame torcher with 3 settings based on intensity; the strongest intensity can heat upwards to 1300 C and go through metal.
Note:  There is no gas in the lighter due to safety measures during delivery; you need to fill gas before first use.

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