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Rotating Head Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter Racket Bug Zapper Racket Mosquito Zapper Indoor Bug Zapper Fruit Fly Zapper Spider Killer Gnat Trap Wasp Catcher, with a Telescopic Extension Wand
  • Dual-mode mosquito control: The bug zapper racket has two modes of use. Hand-held and mobile fly swatters help you kill mosquitoes precisely. The rotating handle folds the mosquito zapper into a light purple mosquito trap, freeing your hands to rest on the table or hang directly on the wall. A high-quality bug zapper creates a quiet, comfortable working and relaxing environment.
  • High-strength voltage: The voltage of the bug zapper is increased to 4000V, and the powerful current significantly improves the mosquito-killing effect. The bug zapper helps you quickly eliminate harmful mosquitoes and annoying mosquito bites. You will be amazed by the strength of this bug-zapper racket!
  • Larger capacity with digital display: The electric bug zapper's built-in 1800mAh large battery capacity prolongs your use time. The fly swatter supports USB charging, has a worry-free battery life, and can be recycled many times. At the same time, the mosquito killer lamp has increased the power digital display performance, which can intuitively check the remaining power in real-time and reasonably arranges the use and charging time.
  • Insulated outer mesh: The bug zapper is designed with a three-layer insulating outer mesh, so you can use it confidently without worrying about the risk of electric shock. The one-button trigger switch makes the bug zapper racket easier to use, and the attachments can be cleaned up with a slight shake after use.
  • Intimate companionship: Unlike the traditional mosquito trap, the bug zapper, designed with a dislocation structure, can be used on the wall at zero distance to kill mosquitoes accurately. This electric fly swatter will accompany you through a mosquito-free summer, whether at home or on an outing.

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