Folding Toilet Bidet

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A Must Have! for your Relaxation, Health & Hygiene
Men, Women, Postpartum, Elderly Persons
Hemorrhoids, Post-surgery, Renal Inflammation, 
  • Material environmental protection and safety: The new Folding Toilet Bidet is made of high-molecular PP + TRP ecological protection material, which is resistant to corrosion, high temperature, non-toxic and odourless, has no irritation or damage to the skin, can effectively separate bacteria, and is easy to clean and avoid The secondary injury caused by wound infection can promote wound healing quickly.
  • Foldable design: The upgraded Bidet is supported by the thickened keel, which makes the tub more durable, more powerful, and easy to install and use, it adds anti-overflow holes, hanging holes and a foldable design, is easy to clean and store, and is suitable for most bathrooms, such as square, round. The water is discharged directly into the toilet to ensure the water level is immersed without worrying about ground overflow.
  • Safe and comfortable:   Folding Toilet Bidet simulates the design of the human hip; the design is smooth and inclined so that the hips are uniformly stressed, and the sitting position is comfortable. The non-slip design at the bottom is safer for pregnant women and the elderly and is a daily healthy and clean companion.
  • Sturdy and durable: The Folding Toilet Bidet bowl can withstand more than 300 pounds, which is the perfect gift for postpartum. If you have just given birth, you must take a bath! This is also the best partner for Epsom! Relieves perineal discomfort, such as hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps, and bladder or prostate infections. Add bath salt, lavender, vinegar or baking soda to warm water in the bath to reduce stress. A sitting bath is an ideal remission method after a perineal incision.
  • Privacy troubles helper: If you encounter any problems from G.I. or women. Yoni Steam Baths such as IBS, UTI, hemorrhoids, tightness and cramps in rectal muscles, postpartum recovery and relaxation are recommended.

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