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  • No More Bending or Straining to Clean Your Feet: With our shower foot scrubbers, you no longer need to bend over or try to keep balance when cleaning your feet. Move back and forth on the brush, and your feet will be clean. The foot scrubber mat is suitable for people of any age, especially for arthritis, hip/knee/back pain, athletes, pregnant, the elderly, injured and more.
  • More Large Size and Keep Both Feet Clean: The Shower foot scrubber mat Size is 28CM (other only 25.4CM) and suitable for 5-12 shoe sizes. It is large enough and satisfies you to stand on it with both feet cleaned. With powerful suction cups firmly attached to the floor, you don't need to worry about moving or slipping.
  • Deep Foot Cleaning and Exfoliating: With hundreds of scrubbing bristles, your feet will get as clean as they have ever felt. Dual-bristle design, the long bristles on the top provide a deep cleaning between your toes and the neglected area, while the short bristles can clean the soles of the feet. Treat yourself to a foot spa experience in the shower.
  • Foot Massager to Improve Foot Circulation: our foot massager and scrubber have 104 pcs shiatsu(other only 36 pcs). Reach every pressure point and massage as stiff or light as possible. Foot massage is vital to improve foot circulation for a happier and healthier you.
  • Eliminate Foot Odor: Smelly feet is nobody's friend. Combat foot odour by combining BESKAR foot scrubber mat and tea tree oil and scrub your foot worries away. Money Back Guarantee, If you aren't completely satisfied with our shower foot scrubber, we offer a full refund, no questions asked.

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