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Kitty, meet your new best friend!

This fish cat toy has a built-in touch sensor. It is put in the fish’s belly. When taps the belly, the fish flops and wags automatically. It will stop if the cat leaves it alone for a long time.

Rechargeable: This floppy fish cat toy is USB rechargeable. The USB cable is included in the package. You can recharge the cable when it is necessary. In this way, you can avoid the costs and the trouble of replacing batteries.

Premium Materials: The kitty toy is made of premium fabric stuffed with pp cotton. It is super soft and safe and very comfortable to touch. Perfect for chewing, biting, and kicking. It is a good companion for your pets.

A vivid and realistic pattern: The interactive cat toy uses a 3d printing process. A vivid and realistic pattern of the cat toy is just like a real fish and is eye-catching for your cats. It can attract your pets to play and interact with them. It can let your kitty relieve stress and relax emotions.

Catnip toys: Every fish cat toy is attached to a pouch of organically-grown catnip. The catnip pouch can stimulate the cats’ interest, keep them busy, and help them avoid boredom and loneliness when you are out.
Bite-safe, easy to wash: Crafted from polypropylene cotton, this toy’s material is bite-resistant, safe, and non-toxic for your kitten. After multiple play sessions, you can clean the toy by hand-washing; simply remove the interior battery and motion-sensor pack before doing so, and air dries completely before reinserting the pack.

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