Kids U-Shape Toothbrush

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  • 360° Design: 360 Cleansing Method With its brush head, it perfectly achieves a three-sided fitting of teeth and gums to help effectively clean teeth. Multi-layer bristles design gives teeth complete protection. Easy-to-grip handles to provide comfort and control while brushing.
  • Food-grade materials: We use food-grade silicone brushes. Safe materials, healthier for babies to use. Soft fur will not damage your baby's gums. Clean every corner of the teeth to protect the baby's gums.
  • Simple Steps: Shake the toothpaste before squeezing it around the brush, put it inside your kid's mouth, and sway from left to right. Rinse after using. Very easy to use.
  • Easy use for Kids: Brushing teeth with a regular toothbrush can be a pain for kids, which leads to bad breath and unhealthy teeth. This product will help you teach your kids how to brush their teeth and have a healthy mouth!
  • FRESH BREATH and ORAL HYGIENE: Research shows the tongue accumulates more bacterial plaque than any other part of the oral cavity. An excellent tongue cleaner is clinically proven to be the single most effective way to reduce bad breath. Proper dental care and education early is the best way to encourage and achieve excellent oral hygiene in children.
  • COMFORT & SAFETY: Easy grip handles provide comfort and control, and two cute colours increase your child's interest in brushing. Safe, fast and convenient, easy to use at home or travel.

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