Medical Adhesive Tape

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  • MULTIPLE USES: Film Dressing Tape is suitable for fixing wounds, waterproofing care of maternal wounds, waterproofing baby umbilical stickers and fixing various plasters, needles and catheters. There are different sizes for you to choose from. Please confirm whether the size is appropriate before buying. Avoid buying inappropriate products.
  • SOFT AND THIN: Transparent Stretch Adhesive Bandage Tape adopts humanized design, is soft, thin, transparent, non-irritating, non-damaging, economical and practical, and can be used with gauze and bandage to protect your health.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PU MATERIAL: Retention Dressing Tapes are made of natural and harmless PU material, which is not easy to be allergic to. It allows the skin to breathe naturally and expel moisture, air and sweat, reducing the chance of severe wounds and allowing you to recover faster.
  • THE INCISION DESIGN IS EASY TO USE: Wound Fixing Tape adopts the incision design, which is easy to use and can be used directly on the skin. It is super dense, waterproof and not afraid of washing, but it will not leave residual glue on the skin and keep it clean.
  • FULLY FIT THE SKIN: Use a Swimming Waterproof Wound Tape and apply it carefully to ensure the tape fits seamlessly with the skin around the wound and eliminates gaps. After the tape is pasted, it is recommended to gently tap or press the tape with your hands to make the tape fully fit the skin.

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