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  • Can remote monitoring anywhere, any time.
  • Support Remote triggering alarms and recordings in the TF card can be viewed remotely anytime.
  • Arming, you can set up a device alarm. You can select specific alarming times and areas and ensure every area is protected.
  • Built-in metal hose, the angle of the lens can be easily adjusted.
  • IR-CUT: The intelligent IR-CUT function can automatically activate/deactivate the night vision upon the ambient environment change.
  • Cloud storage: If you worry about your camera being stolen or the files in the TF card is damaged, you can use paid cloud storage (provided and charged by a third party).
  • AI body shapes recognition: The alarm is activated only when there is human activity to facilitate alarming accuracy(reducing false alarms caused by wind or animals; AI body shape recognition services are provided and charged by a third party).
  • Supports all operating systems, including IOS, Android, and PC.
  • No TF card is needed for Long range surveillance. However, TF cards must be inserted to save the videos and playback.
  • Maximum TF cards support up to 128G. Continuous recording 8G about 2 days;16G about 4 days;32G about 8 days; 64G about 16 days;128G about 32 days.

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