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3 Way Flat Wall Outlet Extender AC Adapter,3 in 1 Extension Plug Adapter Foldable, 2-Prong Swivel Ungrounded Indoor Mini Rotatable Socket Converter for Home and Travel

Multifunctional, Space Saving, Easy Access, and Durable Plug
  • Multi-Function Wall Outlet Extender: Easily convert one indoor ungrounded wall plug into three with this 3-in-1 rotatable plug adapter, which is convenient for your daily use
  • Safety Guaranteed--Fireproof and Durable: This flat outlet adapter is made of PC flame retardant material, and flat wall plugs have excellent quality, so you don't have to worry about the using service life. This three-outlet wall adapter is rated for a maximum of 125VAC, 15A, and 1500W; Use in your home or office to power lamps, tablets, cell phones, chargers, printers, and more.
  • Space Saving and Easy to Use: 3 -in-1 rotatable socket converter easily converts an indoor ungrounded wall plug into three plugs, making better use of space. The 180-degree rotation A-type splitter plug outlet can be bent at different angles (0 ° - 180 °) without hindering other sockets and rows and keeps all plugs close to the wall to avoid clutter. Perfect to side outlet adapter behind the couch or the bed.
  • Rating: Our polarized plug adapter is rated up to 125VAC, 15A, and 1500W; It supports almost all appliances and equipment., such as desk lamps, cell phones, computers, etc.
  • After-Sales Service & Warranty: Flat wall plug is sturdy and durable enough to work with electrical, household, industrial, and other appliances. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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