2-in-1 Floor Scrub Brush

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  • 2-in-1 Floor Scrub Brush: Served as brush and scraper; you can easily scrap the sewage after brushing the floor: 120-degree rotating brush head, triangular convex bristles, rubber soft plate.
  • Makes Every Corner Cleaning Easy: Boasting a ''V'' trim design, Our window groove cleaning brush with a thin brush head is specially designed for cleaning all hard-to-reach corners, gaps, narrow spaces and cracks in your house. Stiff bristles do tough cleaning without scratching delicate surfaces.
  • Spin Mop Floor Scrub Brush: According to the design of human mechanics, the floor cleaning brush and floors are designed at a 45-degree labour-saving angle. This brush gets the job done and saves your back and knees.
  • High-quality Brush: The floor scrub brush is made of high-quality PVC bristle, rubber squeegee, and stainless steel handle. You can use the floor brush for a long, not bent or deformed. Handles are easy to assemble and connect so firmly. This scrubber has a hanging eye for easy storage on a hook or hook.
  • Versatile Floor Scrub Brush: You can use it outdoors as a floor brush or push broom. The meeting can apply to both dry and wet cleaning. Not only used for walls, kitchens, and bathrooms but also works well in garages, sidewalks, stadiums, etc.

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