Natural Intensive Tanning Gel

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  • Brown Tanning Gel: Achieve a natural, darker, long-lasting tan with less sun or sun exposure with our tanning gel. Super effective in tanning beds or the sun.
  • Premium Tanning Ingredients: Tanning Gel has everything your skin needs for the perfect one - 100% natural Carrot Oil for sun-ready and revitalized skin, added Olive Oil to brew your tan, Walnut Oil for a golden glow, and Cocoa Butter for radiant and replenished skin.
  • Natural Ingredients: A premium combination of 100% natural oils became popular for ultra-dark tan lovers too! the highest quality oils are carefully mixed together allowing the cream to absorb fast and get you tanned even faster.
  • Tanning Accelerator Cream: Our intensive tanning luxe gel is a natural shortcut to the tan you want. Expect results regardless of your skin type and enjoy the natural bronze experience that nourishes and hydrates your skin.
  • How to Use: Apply evenly an abundant quantity over the entire body, before sun exposure and reapply frequently, especially after swimming, towelling and perspiring. Avoid sun exposure during midday hours.

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