Shoe Whitening Cleaner

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  • Unlike other products: It whitens shoes by covering, removing yellow dirt through reaction and restoring its actual colour.
  • Protect the upper: Composed of a mild formula, it does not damage the material and surface of the shoe and can quickly and easily remove dirt and stains.
  • Effective cleaning; this product help remove stubborn marks, blemishes, scuffs, scratches and discolouring from the moulded areas of your footwear like heels, mid soles or toe caps, and make your shoes look new!
  • Easy to use: Ready to use, no need to adjust the ratio. And it comes with a squeeze nozzle, which is easy to operate, evenly spread, and does not stain your hands.
  • Wide range of uses: It can remove the yellowing of all kinds of white shoes, such as shell-toe shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, etc.

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