Silicone Anti-collision Pad

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  • STRONG BUMPER TO PROTECT WALLS from the frustrating & damaging door slamming. Protect your interior or exterior door handle and wall from patching or hole in the wall. The Strongest wall shield on the market. Soft Pads dampen noise by absorbing shock and providing a cushion.
  • A must Have Pad: Equip your home or office with high-quality door-stopper wall bumpers that protect you from holes in the walls. Have peace of mind knowing that your wall is protected with round, solid bumper thermoplastic rubber pads that absorb shock and prevent noise. And since they are white, they are almost unnoticeable while protecting the door from hitting the wall.
  • STRONG SELF-ADHESIVE: Set them up in seconds with the easy peel-off & self-adhesive design. Our wall-mounted door bumper uses industry-leading adhesive, ensuring they will stay sticky for a very long time. , these door-handle wall protectors are super-durable and give you long-term protection.
  • 4 Designs Serve Your Needs: Our original Strongest Home door knob wall protectors come with four unique designs to serve your specific need. This self-adhesive large doorknob blocker will give ultimate protection and cover all standard door knobs.
  • VERSATILE USE: This JUMBO set of 6-door slam stoppers are great for fridge or cabinet doors, table corners, headboards, and toilet seats. Use the door guards to protect against the damage caused by the doorknob and door handle slamming. Or use the clear door stopper as rubber feet for different appliances and furniture. So, nothing stops you to – Click Add to Cart -- & get ULTIMATE PROTECTION with the best door guard & door cushion stopper set.

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